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Not only do we have the privilege of decorating our lovely vintage cottages...but our garden potting sheds as well! Right? Something inside us just compels us to decorate, adorn, accessorize...the lowly but lovely potting shed! SHARE HERE!

Potting Bench Inspiration

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Look at you, Deanna! Your own "garden aisle" for all your vintage gardening items! So, so cute!

Collectibles and Garden Project. Ahhh, our world of collectibles meets world of gardening and the results are...

This Old House

Overload cuteness for the Cottage Potting Shed...just warning you!

The Heart of the Sea Home

Potting Shed Fantasies by Bohemian Valhalla shares some lovely photos and well...fantasies! Perfect for the vintage cottage.

Dawn writes her fantasies (potting shed fantasies) with style, "I lean towards the Time Worn unkempt look to a Potting Shed, one that looks as though it has been there a mighty long time and seen Seasons upon Seasons of Gardening.  An Organic look with lots of Character & Beautiful Old Gardening Tools, Terra Cotta, Galvanized Tin, Old Brick or Stone, Rustic Touches, Burlap, Baskets, Cloches, and unexpected Antique Touches like an ornate Crystal Chandie, Art & some lucious Boheme' Fabrics draping over lounging areas resplendant with very worn once oppulent Furniture."


A potting shed with windows that swing out to let in fresh air and sunshine! Perfect.

Lots and lots of old windows! That's what makes the perfect 'cottage' garden shed!

Country Living - Nova Scotia Country

"Summer is brief in Nova Scotia, often not really arriving until July, so Mary uses the growing season to best advantage, waking with the ducks at dawn, gardening all day, cooking by lamplight. Winter is devoted to yet another love: building. From salvaged bits, Mary and her husband, Bill, spliced together the greenhouse that leads to her studio."

Nice, I love the light and the rose curtains!

Yes, Donna, rose curtains in a potting shed! Is there anything we won't decorate?? LOL!

This very chic garden/potting shed comes complete with planting instructions for Daffodils! "A general rule of thumb: Plant each bulb, tip up, at a depth three times the bulb's height, spacing the bulbs about six inches apart."Country Living

Madelief has the most inspiring garden...and garden shed!

Terra-cotta pots partner perfectly with 'Orange Princess' and 'Yokohama' tulips and 'Accent' narcissus with its peach-color cup combines for a delightful cottage growing area!

Better Homes and Gardens

This cottage potting shed looks like it lives in the woods in Oklahoma or Arkansas. Do you love it? But, wait! Is that a fish for a weather vane? :)

Imaginary Garden


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