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What's a vintage cottage without a screen door?? Right?

I read a quote the other day that said, "Every so often, go where you can hear a wooden screen door slam shut." I believe what they are trying to say is that a destination with a screen door will equal a place of peace and the simple life one finds in a vintage cottage.

Photo: Aiken House & Gardens

Do you have a wooden screen door? How does it add to your vintage decor?

Ellene Meece Grandma's Treasures Online

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Oh yes Ellene, we use the vintage or old styled hardware all the time on new construction to give it the old timey look and feel,

it is the frosting on the cake!

the problem is alot of the time people blow the funds on the base and when it comes time to finish the project they are out of funds, by what ever reason they upped the tv from a 36 inch to a 50 inch or what ever, and then scrimp on the hardware that is the frosting or the whipped cream on the pie

it is the hardware we grab each time we open the door or drawer 

Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware


Good observation! So...how do you get your inventory? Are there old buildings and houses near you that are getting torn down and you get to salvage?

we are on the hunt for the right product all the time, certin things I never have enough of at the right price, I prob have 1,000,000 pc of original hardware in the building but always looking for more the right stuff, what we have people looking for. I buy lots of stuff that was taken off years ago, or buy from the folks doing the salvage,


You need to start your own TV Show! :)

Here's a weathered exterior screen door on a tiny, adorable vintage cottage. How picturesque!

The Most Vintage Cottage

Love that sweet little cottage play house.  The perfect spot for a tea party with my granddaughter.   

A Victorian screen door + a white porch + pink accents = vintage cottage big time!

La Casa

That is a great porch and so pretty in pink. 

"Our song is the slamming screen door…” ~Taylor Swift
Slamming Screen Door ~ A Summer Song - great cottage blog article, great photos!

Charming! Cottage Screen Door.


Love these old screen doors as a porch room divider! Perfect.

Home Talk

Far Above Rubies

I am back amungst the living, out of the hospital after sitting there dreaming of a porch and some sweet tea 



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