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I have discovered that Children's or Junior cookbooks are very collectible and climbing in price.. In the second edition of my book, Hot Kitchen and Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and Beyond coming out Spring 2010) there will be an expanded section on this topic. Here are some samples for a preview.Add your Junior cookbooks here. Do you have a story to go with them?

Photos shown here are part of the very extensive collection of http://www.vintagetoykitchens.com/


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I don't have a picture of it, it's not as old as these, but I have a copy of the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook that my mother gave me when I was a kid. Revised edition, fifth printing, copyright 1955 and 1963. I still use it now and then and am looking forward to sharing it with my daughter who loves to help in the kitchen.

I had a copy of the "Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls" from the 50s, and I gave it quite a workout as a child.  Actually, that's how I learned to cook with some assistance from my grandmother.  When I came across a term I didn't understand, such as folding in ingredients, she would demonstrate, but then leave me alone to complete the recipe.  When my cookbook finally bit the dust or disappeared somehow, I was lucky enough to find a fairly pristine copy a few years ago.  I'm radically downsizing and selling most of my cookbook collection now, but this is one cookbook I'll hang onto--I don't know why. Perhaps when I'm really stuck for what to serve at a dinner party, I can make this Raggedy Ann Salad

Imagine having the time (or inclination) to fix THESE up for a sit down for 6!!   but I bet it got the kids to eat their salad. Is that a Fire-King Turquoise Blue plate she's on??

Another cookbook in my collection is the "Good Housekeeping's Cooking with Susan" who apparently is a "famous" teen cook.  The 68-page softcover was published in 1967.  I was fearless (clueless) in those days and attempted to make "Shrimp Egg Rolls."  I remember that it took for-ever.  Lots of chopping, etc.  In 1957 such things as pre-made Egg-Roll Wrappers were not yet available in the grocery stores, so part of the fun was making your own wrappers. Ahhhh, youth.


Here's a picture of the cover, the TOC, and a sample page:





Has anyone seen this quirky cookbook before? I found this at an estate sale last summer.


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