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The Gallery of Regrettable Food (Hardcover)
From Booklist
Lileks pokes fun at food advertising and promotional ideas from the '50s nascent food industry. Making sport of the assumptions that underlay American cookery at mid-century is an easy target. The reigning belief that anything technological or manufactured was by definition superior to nature's bounty today appears naive at best. Add to that the mindless nutritional opinions of the era, and there's plenty of laughter to be found in these ads. A vibrantly rendered shot of a thick, untrimmed porterhouse steak slathered with ketchup and then topped with sliced hard-boiled eggs looks ready to clot every coronary artery, not to mention its complete void of fresh flavors. Most hilarious are advertisements showing pretentious "French" chefs promoting their favorite ways to use marshmallows. How a dish of scrambled eggs topped with cheese, ketchup, and cream of mushroom soup earned the moniker "Eggs Oriental" goes beyond the inscrutable. Mark Knoblauch.

Source: http://www.amazon.com/Gallery-Regrettable-Food-James-Lileks/dp/0609...

Do you have some retro Inspired cookbooks to add to this post?

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Product Description
This fun, funky, and kitschy guide to entertaining 1950s style offers a delicious range of recipes to suit any dinner table or party buffet. Retro recipes from the drive-in, the diner, and mom's secret recipe book, including skyscraper-sized club sandwiches, smoked salmon with asparagus twists, mini cheese toasts cut into shapes, and rainbow milkshakes, are explained for 21st-century cooks. Menu planners help to plan meals for any occasion, and recipes for snacks, cocktails, and cakes are also included. This book will keep swinging hosts and hostesses inspired and entertained in the kitchen.

About the Author
Caroline Barty is a food writer and food stylist. She is the author of Best Loved Chocolate and has contributed to many cookbooks, including Low Fat Cooking, The Encyclopedia of Mexican Cooking, and The Health and Vitality Cookbook. She is a regular contributor to Caledonia magazine, Gary Rhodes Good Cooking, and You magazine.



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