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Sharon brought up a great point and I joked a bit about it but the truth is that the Barkcloth Era was c.1930-40's (although some might argue that it goes into the 50's) and not every Barkcloth Era fabric is cotton. The term synthetic is really a misnomer as Rayon is not a true synthetic material but a derivative of cotton. Rayon was widely manufactured during the beginning of the 20thc (earlier as it was considered a poor-man's silk during the 19thc) until the 50's, when Polyester became popular as it was cheaper to produce. Thus, when we discuss the use of synthetics during the Barkcloth Era, we are referring to Rayon and Cotton blends, even though Rayon is not truly a synthetic material although it is referred to a such and certainly is not a derivative of Cryptonite..smile. I have attached some photos of 1940's Barkcloth with a "synthetic" or rayon and cotton blend. Therefore, it is easy to date Barkcloth fabrics if you recognize the designs, manufacturers and content...remember..1930-40: Cotton Barkcloth or Cotton and Rayon (also termed synthetic) blend fabric. 1950+: Polyester and other chemically synthesized polymer fabrics. Hope this helps somewhat..it can become confusing. BTW, at www.Ruins-ca.com we specialize in Barkcloth Era Cotton and Cotton and Synthetic (Rayon) blend fabrics. Be sure to check out our vintage section to view these fabrics on our website. I have attached photos of Cotton and Rayon blend fabrics from the 40's. Have a great weekend! ~ Lisa

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Here is a few more rayon blend barkcloth era fabrics....~ Lisa
And here's another one from my Vintage Drapery & Upholstery fabrics department, a rayon/cotton faille:


Here's another barkcloth era fabric containing rayon.

You might want to use the green rectangle to the right in the toolbar above the reply section in order to include your pictures in your post, so that viewers don't have to click each separately....

Thanks Sharon! I was wondering why my photos weren't popping up..have a great day! Oh, and the fabrics are beautiful..thanks for sharing!! lisa
Let's not forget, also, that another natural fiber, linen, was also a barkcloth-era staple for drapery and upholstery.

From one of my Ebay listings...
It is amazing that linen (which is derived from the flax seed) has been around for thousands of years. The phoenicians used it for everything from clothing, to writing parchment, etc. Linen during the barkcloth era could also be attributed to the English (Union Linen which was a blend of linen and cotton popular during the 2nd World War as Linen is an expensive fabric to produce by itself). I am wondering if your example is English...hmmmm... I personally love linen..the only problem is the wrinkling...oh well, I guess we can't have everything...
I know, some of my favorite clothes are linen..and where are they? Hanging in my closet..they just wrinkle to much..someone outta invent non-wrinkling linen! Lisa (actually, when you add cotton to the linen, it wrinkles less as with Union Linen but even that wrinkles)

Sharon, Randi and other fellow Textileophiles, here is an English linen fabric from the 30's or thereabouts...gorgeous canary yellow..I rarely come across this color...you can find similar pieces on my website, www.ruins-ca.com..under the antique fabric section...regards, Lisa
BTW guys..I am learning and enjoying so much on this website..it is so much fun! I started a blog (www.ruins-ca.blogspot.com) but this is far more fun! Thanks for having such great, intelligent conversations. Have a lovely Sunday! ~ Lisa


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