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Yep, black barkcloth..and it is shabbalicious too! I love the French Antique Cretonne/Barkcloth in black and this dark color is very rare to come by! I have seen designers take a square of the fabric and center it on a white ruffled pillow and it is amazing! I collected a few of my favorites here to ooh and ahh over and if you want a larger choice, take a gander at all of my antique and vintage French and American fabrics at www.ruins-ca.com ~ regards, Lisa

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Yes, black makes for striking contrasts, for tropical, romantic and modern barkcloths

Black has always been a bestseller on our website, too. www.rickrack.com

Here are 2 more "flowery" black cretonne fabrics from France dating from c.1900-1920 if not earlier..these have a smooth vs. nubby texture and are a delectable sample of what can be found at www.ruins-ca.com..regards, Lisa


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