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hi all!

just wondering if all those passionate about vintage Bakelite jewelry can share their latest finds or perhaps favorite pieces?  we never get tired of all the wonderful pieces of Bakelite jewelry that were produced.  click below to see some of the pieces we have in our shop currently -



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Linda, did you see the photo I put up on CJCI of the Azure Blue Prystal Bracelet. I have it on my website too. We thought it was applejuice but it turned out to be azure prystal blue. It is beautiful!!

The Discovery!!

hi -
very interesting - nice! great coloration.

This is beautiful!  Did the color emerge from just cleaning it?? What did you use to polish it??

Hi Linda,
We love all things bakelite, too. Here is one of my all time favorites. It is a huge 8" tall Bakelite chalice, with a sterling silver (marked) interior and bottom. It weighs almost four pounds! We bought it in NYC years ago, and it creates quite a stir on the rare occassions that we bring it out.

I absolutely love this chalice!  If you ever want to sell it, I get first dibs.  Kim

Bakelite is getting the best of me! LOL...I am STILL trying to find the maker info/product info out on this bakelite tobacco pipe. Every clue I get leads to a dead end! But still, it is my fave bakelite piece.

Bought 4 bangles for a buck; two were plastic, two were a yard sale a week ago. LUV yard sales.

Terri, I do not believe your black pipe is made of bakelite. It would probably melt or give off adverse fumes if smoked.  I'm guessing it's either clay (Meershaum) or black briar.  I can see something written on the side, what does it say, and what else is written on your pipe?


Linda's items

Hi,  I found this Mah Jongg set a few days ago.  It says it's catalin on the paperwork.  I am not a bakelite collector and don't know much about it but I did read in this forum that catalin is basically the same formula as bakelite but it was made by another company in later years.  My question is do bakelite collectors consider it the same as bakelite but just with another name and do they collect it along with bakelite or does catalin have it's own category and group of collectors? It's a beautiful set and looks just like bakelite.  I want to sell it but don't want to misrepresent what it is.  Thanks for any advice!



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