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I wasn't into dolls but I loved my lite-brite.

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By far it was plastic Army men. 100 for about $200. I would divide them into two armies and build forts and then throw a set number of firecrackers at each fort and the one with the most men standing won. That was when I was 20. When I was younger....just kidding! Good topic. Ed
I begged and pleaded for a Barbie doll and I finally received her for my 7th birthday in 1963 (Nov. 21). I can still remember playing with her in front of the TV set while my mother was ironing, and crying, because John Kennedy had just been shot... I had more Barbies after that, and Ken, Midge, Francie and Skipper--all long gone. However, I still have that particular Barbie, and still occasionally pull her out of her case to dress her up in her lovely, and now vintage, clothes:)
i used to love silly putty. i would spread it onto the newspaper comics to get an imprint.

When I was a kid I never cared much for dolls in general. I did once want an easy bake oven. With nine children in the family, we didn't usually get many extras. I finally fullfilled that desire lets just say sometime after thirty! Oh, maybe that was for my baby girl..dunno. (hehe). A neighbor girl had the board game "Candy Land" and I really wanted one of those! Got it the same time as the Easy Bake Oven!
We lived in Carabou Maine and as I was a bit of a Tom Boy, so for me I'd say it had to be marbles. Didn't know any girls that played and never met a boy that could out shoot me. I always went home with more marbles then I came with! Wish I had those marbles now. I find it a bit odd that I never became a collector of marbles. Yep marbles,hopscotch,jacks and jump rope! Oh yes, cards and pick up sticks!
The budding artist in me....(still budding) loved to color with Venus Paradise Coloring Sets....in fact I am always looking to find vintage sets......



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