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Thank you Martin
I enlarged your picture and the tag reads:

If this is correct wouldn't that be the character with Whinnie the Pooh called "Rabbit"?

Sorry, I'm not really a big toy collector, so I don't know much about the age or things like that... etc Where did you get it or How long have you had it?
It belonged to my grandpa's adopted daughter. I think she moved away in the 70's. I have had it for ten years and it was old then when grandpa let me have it.

It does kinda look like Rabbit now that you said something. Thanks.

I looked up some of those "Dream Pets by Dakin" some of them look like the way this is made. I wonder if they produced for Disney?
Is dat a wabbit joke? "Hare" LOL Yes, It dosn't seem like there is too much "Made in the USA" anymore.So if she moved away in the 70's and left it behind chances are it wasn't new when she left. Maybe it was from around the 60's.
I love disney stuff! If this is from the sixties it looks to be in great shape! I wonder if there is anything that should be done to preserve it so it won't deterioate? I would think replacing the wood pulp would ruin any Disneyania collectors interest? I have a few collected pieces of Tinkerbell.
Thanks everyone!


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