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Dressing a window for a retail space for Christmas has been a tradition for a long time! It's part of the fabric of Christmas movies and shopping that still brings a smile to our season.

What were your best window displays? Post a photo! What are you doing this year?

Here's a window display in 1946:

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Check out this upcycled vintage TV to showcase their current product image!! Love.

This old retail window display is not 'Christmasy' like the others but oh...it can take you back!

Kaufmann Mercantile Enamelware

Display with enamelware, 1923, courtesy of Shorpy.

Love these old vintage chairs hung on the wall and used to hang product on!

Swirl Marketing

The Towne Store Christmas Window Display

"We took a walk through downtown and viewed the beautifully decorated storefronts. This window display was my favorite. My wife purchased several small presents here. The store employees were so nice et gift boxed all the presents we purchased. We plan to return next year and spend more time taking in this wonderful towns stores and restaurants."

Agree, Diane! You can see the old tin ceilings through the beautiful display window. And someone turned on the snow just for atmosphere! :)

Main Street in the 40's

This photograph shows some of America's most loved brands, including Coca Cola, Rice Krispies and 7UP, advertised in shop windows, and fresh produce including oranges and potatoes selling for as little as 1c.

Before there was a Walmart on every corner and suburban malls inhabited most of the nations cities and towns, these photographs show Main Street as it always was, and in some places still is -- the heartbeat of small town America.

Fun, fun and fun. I so love Christmas. 


Yes, we are in full on Christmas mode now!


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