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Hello everyone!   It is very cold here in Iowa this morning.  I have a question for the group about the care of vintage(?)  aprons.  I have very large amount of old aprons.  Most are the half aprons.  I was wondering how old they need to be to be called vintage?   Many if not most are homemade.  Do you go by the fabric that is used to guess the age  or is it really that important if you are trying to sell them.  Do you just post your picture, a little description and the price and that is enough? 


Also,  I was wondering about washing and ironing them.  I learned too late that you really might not want  to launder  old hankies or linens  if selling them and I of course I have washed every apron that didn't have a tag on it.  I figure if they were so old they fell apart it was not something that I would want to sell to anyone.  I see some are ironed and some are not when displayed and wondered if that was because they should not be washed?  I do look forward to learning a lot about the care and how to describe aprons that I might offer for sale at some point.  I absolutely love aprons and never tire of looking at all the different types there are.  As someone that worked in the food industry until retiring, I have worn all types of aprons and now enjoy wearing old ones, sharing some with friends  and making little ones for both the granddaughters and also the grandsons!   I do believe they are coming back into style and I am so happy about that!          Shari

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I have another question I hope someone can answer for me. I am  going to iron a few of my favorites and post some pictures.  When sorting sizes to you gals measure from one end of the strings to the other or do you measure the apron size without the strings?  I have no idea how to determine their sizes or can someone point me to a website that has this info?     I thought I might as well sort them as I do this.  Thanks

I watched a movie today and grabbed a few aprons to iron.  I thought I would share a few of them with all of you.  I just started at the top of the pile.  The first one has that sheer fabric in it and I would love to know if it is rayon or nylon or what?  The second  one is just so cute!   It is made of a much heavier fabric.  I raise chickens and sell the eggs so that is why I like this one so much.

Never can figure out how to post several at a time and comment on them in the right order but I will try.   This Christmas one looks funny because the large pockets at the top make it sick out.   It is very festive though!


I love the little black hearts on this one.                                                 

This one reminds me on Wonder Bread sacks!

This is all I will post for today.  The first one is very lovely.  They divided a hanky  4 ways and used every bit of it.  Out of 20 aprons I ironed today, only 1 had a tag on that I could find.  I think most all are homemade and some did a fabulous job sewing and some look like a child that was learning to sew made them.  I enjoyed looking at some very crooked seams and noticed that if there was a selvage they used it and never hemmed that side.  I think most every apron I have is from the 60's or earlier.  Some are working aprons and I have a lot of those fancy ones too and a lot of those crocheted ones also.     Shari

This one reminds me of I Love Lucy!   She loved polka dots!  Blue is also my favorite color.

I first thought this was some type of flowers but it almost looks like  tomatoes or something.  Any ideas?

Here are a few more to share with you.  I hope some of you will  share some with the group soon.  I love looking at them.   Still hoping someone can answer my previous questions.  Thanks,  Shari

I was hoping to see some more aprons posted.  I guess I will add some more.  I would love to see what you girls have to share.  




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