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What was your greatest find?
What lured you into buying it?
Post pictures if you have any! Jigs also.

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The Karl and Beverly White National Antique Fishing Tackle Museum
In my town I did not find it but someone else did it was a draughtnot?(spelling is not my strong point) funky lookin lure about 1910 if I remeber correctly.and they sold it on ebay 2007-8
Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium
Do you remember how much it went for?
O can't wait to do some research on this one.
I think expensive upper 100's to about a grand it looked nice
I'd a liked to have seen that one. I did a search on completed listings on ebay. Price range 500.to 6000. I was surprised to see how many single pieces were over $500.00. I shouldn't be surprised but I was. I was going to post a few but eBay keeps locking up on me. My computer has gone crazy.
Haven't found anything important, bought 2 tackle boxes at a garage sale some nice Lures , some chewed up, some Bobbers, corks, unopened packs of line and hooks,sinks and what not... parted it out, sold many lures to Artists, women love to use them. made over $400 out of $20.

These are going up for bid at a live auction I'm going to. Anything Worth While"?
You know Brad that is an interesting concept....selling to artist. If we really think about it a minute it really makes sense. Thanks so much for sharing. Now you paid $20.00. If you made $40.00 thats 100% profit. Can anyone do the math on making $400.00? :) Wow. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Did you find the artist to sell to or did they find you?

You sound like a creative person for using alternative methods of selling. I've been trying to figure out a way for Tom to sell all of his lures that he says that he just about can't give them away. Making them into keychains for advertisement of your business for example. Something. Maybe a bit time consuming. Dunno.
Now your usin the Ol' Noggin! I never thought about Key Chains for Advertising. Thank you fo r the complement. I had a BOOTH in a Mall and most of my trade was with either other Dealers or Women, they decorate the home, I thought mostly men would want them... but these ( for the most part ) where chewed up and not "Collectible Grade" I knew that, so I priced em low... $1 to $5 each for lures and up to $10 for a Colorful Bobber, the Sinkers and Line sold to Artists and Ladies wanting to pretty up the cabin. I live in Minnesota, So we naturally have fishing galore here.

I did once a long time ago see a FANTASTIC COLLECTION. A lady called me to see if I wanted to buy them.
When I saw her Late Husbands Collection, I told her to call Christie's. No way I was going to be able to buy these, and they belonged to the WORLD! This was just unbelievable. She deserved to have true EXPERTS Value that collection, I woulda just made a mess of it.
I don't think he bought any LURE that was not MIB. Now IMHO no lure is "MINT" but these for the larger part where unused and boxed! Many where Antiques, rare, beautiful. Now I'm talking maybe 1500 lures and other fishing Items.
She did get a firm in to do a appraisal, I don't know what the figure was, or if she even sold it. My best guess it was worth some where in the $150,000 range, maybe more? That's why I didn't want to mess with it. I do know she didn't get ripped off though! :)
Today I might try to elbow my way in, some way... Consulting or what have you... even the Pro's can be a little under handed.
Ya know, alot of people may have at least tried to take advantage of the situation, hoping she just didn't know what she had. Your correct about even the pros can sometimes.... However, it is wonderful to see and to know there are still people out there that are practicing the Golden Rule!

What a site that would have been to see. You didn't even have to pay admission, LOL.From the sounds of it, I would have been a little overwhelmed myself.

Thanks for sharing your extraordinary best find!
I thought this was for "The Worlds Largest Liar"...

did you know that the Snake River that winds through Idaho and Oregon contains one the largest fresh-water fish in the world? They use modified hay-hooks with road kill bait. The older and smellier the better. They use farm tractors or cars to pull them out.

North of Buhl, Idaho along the Snake River is the world's largest trout farm. They have two of these monster fish swimming in a viewing pond. BTW these fish are one of the oldest fishes known. The two at Clear Springs Trout farm are over 80 years old and when I last saw them they were only 30-36 inches long. I've seen them as long as 13 feet, and they are over 1,000 years old. Check em out, they're fresh-water sturgeon.

No foolin'!

Craig, I think the word is: dreadnought, which was a large battleship from 1890s-1900s.
yes those sturgeon are monsters they just caught a guy this spring here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, catch one haul it away let it die, then get worried and dumped it back into the river. he was caught on tape catching it and hauling it away.

he is in deep trouble for not catching it, but keeping it, they might I said might have let it slide if he had turned it into the DNR so they could have tested it and did tests on the huge fish, but he just dumped it back into the river.

Craig Phillips
B & C Emporium


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