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Best fish stories go here to archive. True or Not! Lets Laugh a little.

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Who hasn't went fishing for squirrels? LOL see, even the best of them. by Oralei DV

Comment by Frank Rostron:

I was asked by a friend to leave a comment on what we fish for here in Fairview. When the season is in we fish for trout. We have rainbows, brown's and some good smallmouth bass, being somewhat new to the area I have not mastered the art of fly fishing I tend to look like I'm fishing for squrriels because my fly ends up in a tree most of the time. I like my spinning reels. As for the types of lures and bait there is a large varity used from hand tied fly's, spinners, to corn thats right corn straight from the can. I learned to fish at an early age and can say I've been fishing for forty years. During this time I have done some competive fishing and know its just for fun. My older brother is a fishing guide in South Carolina were I still call home and have most of my Items stored in my shop. I only have a few things here in N.C. When I'm back in S.C. I like to fish for bass, stripped bass, catfish, crappie and if I'm near the coast we fish for flounder, shepped, spottail, sea trout, black drum and sometimes shark. Tom I have to be honest I've only owned two fly rods and one of them is in the river here and I don't plan on getting it back out, the only reason the other one isn't beside it was because I had left it at home. HA ! HA !
Wish I could remember the first time I ever went fishin....The only thing I remembered about it was that I caught all the fish and the rule for the newbie was that you had to kiss all the fish you caught. Boy was I ever sorry. All I caught that day was catfish...UGH.
One winter day I went duck hunting on a slough behind Hayden Lake ((N. Idaho). My brother took me there in a boat and dropped me off some distance from where I intended to hunt (so as not to scare the ducks). I slowly and carefully made my way to the slough and jumped up with my shotgun at the ready and discovered the slough was frozen over and not a duck was in site. I tested the ice and walked out on it; it was so clear you see the bottom and huge bass were swimming around. A black tail bass came to the surface just below me and like a dummy I shot it with my shotgun. The bird shot punched a fist-sized hole in the ice and the concussion brought the fish up and out of the water and onto the ice. Now this is a TRUE STORY. Unfortunately the fish was only 5 inches long.

I discovered that fresh-water crappie, cleaned, boned and skinned; cooked on a charcoal grill with melted butter TASTES JUST LIKE LOBSTER. It is delicious,,,
Yer right, I never thought about that! That fish, I swear, was three, no four feet long; easily a Boone & Crockett record...dunno where the 5 incher came from.

Remember folks, This is the true or NOT Fish Story Hall of fame! Anyone else?
Okay, here's another TRUE STORY (ya know ya can trust me). I was fishing my favorite mountain river, The Little North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene River", for rainbow trout. I had a spinning rod with a Mitchell 300. (Still have it). I bought a clear plastic torpedo-shaped weighted float so I could attach flies, yet have weight to cast it. It worked well and I was able to put the fly right where I wanted it. A big ole rainbow hit it and I set the hook and snap, it broke. I was a bit peeved until I spotted that float zipping along. I ran over and picked it up and pulled in my catch. Oralei can tell you how big it was. No, excuse me, if I told you how big it was Oralei could tell you it wasn't that big. She's pretty smart ya know.


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