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I would love to have a show that would help all of us who have inherited numerous items that we have no idea what they are worth or how to find the value. I have items from my mother's house which include my grandmother's items and my great aunt's item's and I don't just want to donate but am not sure where to get value or where to sell when I do. I believe most items are just the everyday variety that everyone has but some items are possibly worth more. A show that walked you through sorting, researching, donating?, pricing and assisting you on all the ways to sell items would be great! I know there are a lot of people in my shoes and probably also need extra income.

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that would be a loaded show, loaded with lawsuits, what if the expert said the item was worth $20. I came along and bought it and put it in my store and sold it for $100.


then sometimes yes it might be worth $25 or that is what the book said, and you can't get $5. for it


different places an item will bring different prices, yard sale, flea market, outside antique show, inside antique show, antqiue store, gallery, auction,  each place down the list has more costs of doing buisness, so they need to sell for a larger price more or less,

also you would have to talk to auction wally on this ning site, Retail value, wholesale value, auctin value & quick cash value, all have different levels of return, and slower and faster selling time, and expenses,


 a yard sale you might need a permit may be cost of $5

flea market, $10-$150 per space

outside antique show,  $50- 150 per space

inside show, $75-500 per space,

antique store, ??

gallery %

Auction%% and you get what is bid, to get bigger prices takes at least 2 people really wanting the item,

having an appraiser come and look at your stuff $50-150+ per hour, including research time and time on location


And those are all the things everyone might like to know. I am sure that all shows, like Antique Roadshow, etc, have a disclaimer so they are not liable. I know this would not be an advantage to some who is looking to by from people with little or no knowledge so they can make the big profits. I would at least like to have the resources to make some sort of reasonable idea of how to price and what avenues there are for sales. Maybe for some one like you this all seems easy but some of us still need help.

we still get stuff we have no real idea what it is really worth, just wing it is what we do, no our cost and put in some profit,

NO one knows everything!


The other problem is where you sell what. I buy stuff that is considered worthless in one group that is worth a lot in others. Take old coolers for example, I can get them all over for "cheap" and then bring them to the VW world (my other half of my life) and make good money (if it took them south or west I could (have) made more).  Add that to the ever popular word of "condition", My grandmother's dog candy dishes are not worth what mint ones would be due to their use and damage.

When I get tired of looking at something, the price goes down, as simple as that :)


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