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Hey kids! I'm interested in seeing the ugliest thing you own. Now I know ugly is relative, but, I'm looking for the thing that you love but are too embarrassed to display or that is on display and when others see it they criticize you mercilessly about what bad taste you have. Now I'm not admitting that all kitsch is in bad taste, just some of it. What do you have that qualifies?

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That's pretty funny Barbara. Why not just send it to the thrift. I'll bet somebody would buy it! Thanks for sharing.

I'm not sure if ugly or not..... but I know these rank among the top few we've come across. Wanda my partner picked these up in the summer, and they've kind of grown on me too..... even if I do think they are kinda ugly. We've has lots of young folks think they are really cool. You should see them lit up in a dark room,, it's hilarious.

Anyways, this may be the only way to offload these -- by sending up a picture, I sort of feel like they've finally let me loose, i'll sleep better. (and yes, it's a lovely matching pair)

Green Spot Antiques
OMG, Vince, even I think these are pretty bad and I don't have a very sensitive ugly meter! Thanks for sharing and i hope you had a good nights sleep!

See? Beauty is relative, right? That's why there is so much out there to choose from. But these lamps? Hmmmmmm........
Well, if anyone likes them, make an offer.
I'm thinking of taking the grapes off and selling them seperately.
hate to do that.... i'll never find another set like this again (maybe a copyright is in order here??)

reasonable price, you pay shipping.
We guarantee you will be the only one on the block with one (or two).
Green Spot Antiques.
O.K. Vince, now I wanna see them lit up in a dark room....LOL!
I had someone do more unpacking for me this week and she unearthed, what I believe, is my ugliest possession. I don't even know where this came from. Had to have been in a box lot or from a movie or something. I KNOW I didn't buy such a thing on purpose. Stay tuned for photo. I was there at night, so couldn't get a good shot. It could be that it's even worse in daylight.
Well, here it is - with no doubt my ugliest possession. I'm ashamed to even admit I have this. I do recall from whence it came. From a set of the movie Lady In The Water - the room was a design I'll call Kvitsch - which is Jewish kitsch. Ha! I bought the whole set, boxed up with no choice of what was included. Believe it or not, this is a signed Royal Haegar piece.


Okay, in reality, my mom had stuff like this in her aqua 50's bathroom back in the day. But still....


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