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Here's one in a series that I will post as I get to them. This pair is a male and female ballet dancer chalkware set. They are flying off the ground and wearing the ubiquitous mask and surrounded by gold panted flowers and leaves. What can't be discerned by the photo is that there is a pocket on the front of each. To hold letters? Not sure! Anyone have any ideas? Also not sure if these are the original shades. They match but seem a bit too small for the scale of the lamp, but possibly the intent was not to hide one inch of the glorious gold! lol!

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I remember the ballet dancer lamps from when I was a young girl...eek! And why would you want to hide any bit of these with a larger shade? Hehe...
Okay...first I have the two little porcelain birds. Cute kitsch, but one of the beaks is broken off...darnit. But that base is gorgeous, if a bit gawdy. Then there's the chalkware stagecoach. Technically, it's a lantern not a lamp, but it's so god-awful that I had to include it.

Do you know what the opening in the front was for? Maybe to hold vanity items like a brush or something? I like the bird lamp. Too, too bad the beak is damaged. Looks like something my Aunt Ada had in her apartment. I think it's too nice to be classified as kitsch, though, in my opinion. It really is pretty, if a bit gaudy. There's a category for it, but can't think of what it would be called. The stagecoach? Priceless! It's hollow to hold oil? Hilarious.
I thought the front pocket was for the brush and mirror sets, but I could be wrong. That was a few years ago and well, every now and then I'm told I forget a few things. I don't believe it myself...And yep, the stagecoach is supposed to hold oil. It is truly aweful, isn't it. It came as part of a box lot at an auction. I think (hope) that's how I've ended up with most of my really artistically challenged pieces.

LOL - and the hits keep comin'! This is truly..er...kitschy...yes, that's the word I was looking for...
Kooky is another word. I like it though. Shoot me!
I predict the return of the enormous lamp. All of those 4- 5 foot tall lamps with the biggest shades on the planet from the 60s will make a comeback soon, so if you see them and have a hangar big enough, start stockpiling! I have one that was cheap and so great looking that I had to buy it. Between the lamp and the shade it takes up one whole shelf in my storage space. Photo soon.

Want to see....!
The giant lamp. This one is definitely 70s.


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