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I LOVE humorous cocktail things. So many items like coasters, cocktail stirrers, napkins that were produced for humorous purposes would be considered offensive by today's standards. Know what I say? LIGHTEN UP! Some of this stuff was absolutely, ridiculously hilarious!
Over the next few days, I will be featuring some of my fun cocktail collectibles. Of course, in the worst of taste.

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Hahaahhahaha give your high balls a lift! These are wrap arounds that fit over your highball glass to protect your hand.

These wraparounds aren't offensive but they are really fun. Notice the clever detail of the word "cocktails" as the .... cock's tail.
Here's a humorous bar towel with anthropomorphic figures of cocktail glasses I thought you might like to see.

Love the towel. I especially like the animal detail. What are they supposed to represent, do you think? Drink names?
If you zoom in and use a magnifying glass, you can make out some of the names on the little white banners. I was able to make out: "Martini; Mint Julep; Daiquiri; Manhattan; Champagne Cocktail; Scotch&Soda; Old Fashioned; Cuba Libre.
Kitschy - I LOVE cocktail kitsch...these are great! The jock straps are over the top! - not sure I could use those in mixed company.... I've also got a pretty cool napkin and coaster collection and a few matchbooks. I would show ya', but I packed it away (like so much right now) ....darnit! I also collect those racy cartoon postcards from back in the day...love 'em! Lots of barely dressed girls, cocktails, cigars and chubby old guys looking for heart attacks...sadistic, but hilarious! Again proving that collectors are odd people sometimes....
Oh yes, the racy joke cocktail napkins and coasters. They insult just about every one and everything. Especially women and minorities. Not sure if we're odd or just overly appreciative of tasteless humor of days gone by.


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