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Hello all,

I have a set of serving pieces by Walker and Hall that are fairly old.  They were some of the first Quadruple Plate "A1" made.  I want to sell them on Ebay or here or elsewhere.  They do have some light tarnish.  I read on a post here that I should not use Tarnex or some of the silver dips.  I have some polish by the name of Happich Simichrome Polish.  Does this sound like a good choice and should I clean it at all before trying to sell it?

Thank you, Veronica

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Simichrome is very abrasive. I would suggest using 3M Tarni-Shield Silver Polish, Twinkle, or Blitz. Here is my article on Tarn-X:

Hello!  I signed up for your newsletter.   That's where I heard about TarnX. Thank you for the information!

I would ABSOLUTELY stay away from Tarn-X and Simichrome (see the bottom of my Silver Abrasion Ratings page). On that same page you'll find the "Extremely Mild Abrasion" category. Try one of those polishes. By cleaning the pieces, you'll most likely sell the pieces quicker (and maybe for a  slightly higher price).


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