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I believe this to be a caudle cup, please correct me if I am wrong. The first mark looks like a head with a crown, the second one I have no idea, the third one is a lion and the fourth one is a sword. England is scribed below the 4 hallmarks.

I am under the assumption that this is silver, because of the rampant lion mark, please correct me if I am wrong. Any info you could give me, I would greatly appreciate. I have searched the internet and haven't had any luck. I ordered a book, but am afraid I wont find the hallmarks there either. Thank You.

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Hello Tom! Here is a website with silver hallmarks. I hope you find it helpful.  Take care, Diane

thank you for the info, but I have already searched that site as well as many other hallmark sites, to no success

Hi Tom, I think the second marking is a nights head. There are many makers of silver all over the UK. It's hard to tell what you have there because your item picture is very blurry?

I moderate the group called " antique and collectible silver" here on iantiqueonline. If you go to the top of the group page there are several web sites to help you identify your mark. Also, if you could take some clear shots of your piece and share that with us to, it might help.

Thank you very much for the response, I do agree the second marking does look like a knights head, thank you very much, sometimes all it takes is another set of eyes to see the obvious. Yes I do need to get a better camera, the picture of the hallmarks is pretty close to actual though, I have searched many websites already and have had no luck in finding any info. That is why I turned to your site.

Thank you again for the suggestions.


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