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Breakfast Chafing Pans - Attributed as Old Sheffield Rolled Plate Circa 1810 - Opinions Please

I have been sitting on these for quite a while.   Have been torn as to whether they may be nickel plate and newer than the old tag which has been with them since their purchase in 1964.     While tarnished where they have been exposed the inside is lovely, they are heavy and very well made.  Rolled Plate?   I would think perhaps!     They are 8 inch, the handles remove and presumably hot water is poured in to keep the food warmed for a while or maybe they sit over a flame.   See no relief valve so that would be tricky.  

Check out the wee tag.  All the hundreds of items in this estate had little tags like this as the original owner documented her sense of what she had or what she bought or presumed to buy!

Comments  welcome of course.     Zeke 

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Hmm, Interesting old pieces, have you got a photo of the bases on these? My guess is rolled over copper, as that was pretty standard. I don't think the date is right on the tag though. They don't seem to be that old, more mid 1850 - 1880's, I'm just guessing though.  I'm kinda slammed for time at the moment, I'll try and look up your horse marking,  as that might be more useful to us than the old tag. Also, do they come apart - more than just handles or?

They seem very shallow for holding any regular food items, but baby food is an option, and as the old tag seems to call them "breakfast" dishes, maybe for poached eggs is possible to. 

But if we could see photo's of them apart, if that's an option it might help us a little more. 

I wonder what's happened to Liz, Haven't seen her in awhile. She would likely know right away. Ugh. I'm rusty on silver plate. Haven't had to price any in a few years.

The handles remove of course .. to fill them I would guess .. and store them.  No underside photo .. back later .. here is a photo of them apart .. handles off.

OK, couple more pics showing bottom.      I might mention, one aspect of my original post was, I wondered if these may be nickel plated?    The heavy base metal appears to be copper.  

Ahh, I see, so the hot water went into the handle space to keep "whatever" warm. Though it does lend itself to baby food, as this method was still used well into the 1980's far as I know.

I've got a pretty good book on old silver-plate items. Let me dig that one out, and I'll see what I can find. The bottom little feet may indicate age more closely as well - so thank you for that photo. The other thing is, I've often been able to find small hallmarks, makers marks and/or numbers on the bases of items if you look very carefully. And - if you don't already know, silver is one of few things that are NOT hurt if polished properly with a regular silver or metal polish. That may help you sell them too! I like Maas myself. :)

The cleaning things is always a concern for me.   I may make something look very nice but then it may not appear to be old.   And then there is the issue that if the item I have to sell is potentially something special, I prefer the buyer clean it according to their desires .. so as to not remove patina they may want!   Maybe not the same for well hallmarked silver .. it is what is says it is .. but with NO marks .. well .. I am not comfortable cleaning things .. 


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