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Hello Everyone,

I was asked to post in this section of the site so that everyone could see what we have found. The story is a little interesting so let me tell you a little bit about how we acquired these Items.

My wife's father many years ago had a neighbor that was just one of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet. She had no family left and Ray would mow her lawn and really just kinda took care of her and the house. She would offer "lemonade and Pie" just about everytime he would help her with anything. He never asked her for anything besides to call him when she needed something. She unfortunately passed and would'nt you know it...she left it all to him. The car, house and everything in it. She was something special...she'll be missed. My wifes dad gave it to her many years ago and Angela never even opened the boxes. We moved recently and came across the boxes and decided to go through them. There was also some misc. flatware, even some TOWLE peices. Well, thought I would share that little story with ya...hope you did'nt mind.

These pieces are a DERBY Silver Quadruple Plate Tea Set style 1675. There was no tray with the set. We believe it is a 5-piece Tea and Coffee Set. It has a Tilting Tea Pot that is really neat.

Hope you enjoy the story and pictures and if anyone has any info as to the Style of the pieces and possibly a close estimation on the date...that would be great. I have to say "Never really been into antiques or anything but this has been really enjoyable researching and talking with people involved. Thanks so much for your time.

We have done some research and just have not been able to find anything about the Style 1675.

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Thank you for posting here Jeremy! Your set is lovely! I think it is from the late Victorian Era c. 1880 - 1910. It is silverplate, which I am sure you have figured out. Plate is generally not worth a whole lot, except in the instance of tea and coffee sets! These are forever popluar and yours without a tray should bring $85 to $125 for the set. However, if you can find a matching tray you then have something that would sell in the $125-$250 range. I would be very interested in seeing your towle flatware as well. I like to collect the old flatware. To find pattern names and exact dates there are a number of very good websites. centennial antiques.com, abe silverman's antique silver shop, and patterns in silverplate are just a few of them. Hope you have lots more responses!
Great! Thanks so much for all the info. Yeah, the Towle pieces that we have are the "King Richard" style and there are 8 (Paddle Butter Spreaders "I Think). We are actually trying to find out if there was anything else that was left with my wife's dad that might complete the set. We are also trying to make sure the Tray for theTea Set was not left somewhere. You have been very helpful and I will try and get some pictures up of some of the flatware as there are a couple of pieces we have had no luck in finding anything oout abou them.

I see all 5 pieces. A coffee pot, a tea pot, a creamer and a sugar with lid, and what is the other item, a lid-less sugar, or do you know? I know. It begins with a "w". You tell me. PS: It is not a sugar with no lid.
This page gives the history of Derby Silverplate and the letter mark"B" for dating



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