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I bid on an item on eBay that said it is an antique silver snuff box with spoon. I won the item and spin arrival I realized that there is no way it was a snuff box. So I figured maybe an incense burner but I don’t think that’s correct either. The seller said it was stamped argent Saigon. I can make out argent but not sure on the the Saigon. The melding of the legs to the box looks very 70’s to me. I’m just curious to find out what the heck it it!!

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Not sure how to add pics here.


Oh Dear Dusty, You now own a vintage Mustard jar! It's very cute in any case, you have a marking on the base?

Ok I got some more pics posted. I can’t imagine it being a mustard jar as there are holes punched all over in the design. 

maybe it originally had a glass insert?

Yes, Dotty is exactly right. You are missing the small glass jar that would be inside your silver mustard pot. You should look carefully all over the piece for hallmarks. It's possible that it is Sterling Silver, not just plate, due to it being nice and small. If its more modern you will find a (Ster, Sterling, or possibly a .925 marking). And if that is the case, you may have gotten a very good deal!

It's nicely done too. Do you like mustard? :) 

I keep uploading pictures and they show up but when I come back they are gone!  Uuggg

If you click on the attachments you can see the marks on the bottom and the size of the whole thing. 

You do have some type of  marking there, but I can't read it, can you? Looks like a bunch of letters and I can't see the other mark??

OOh, I almost forgot to tell you. The only other thing it might be at 2" is an old Salt dip. But again you would have a glass insert. You could probably find a replacement for it, either a modern version, or on Ebay or Etsy you might find a old insert for you pot. It won't harm value much if it's a replacement. And, Due to your nice pictures I got a good look at the design. It's really nice! It might be made to match the English "Indian Tree" china. Just a thought. :)

Hi Dusty,

The Argent Saigon marking means that your piece is Vietnamese. I read on another forum that somebody had a condiment pot similar to yours, except it still had the liner. Interestingly, the liner was made of celluloid rather than glass. 


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