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My husband got me these for Christmas.  They are in order as follows in the back row a 1926 Singer 99 , A 1957 Singer 99K, and in the front row a 1927 White Family Rotary.   

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Julie,  These are nice old machines & in wooden cases.  They will sew thru just about anything.  Do you also collect miniature sewing machines?  I have 7 reg. sewing machines & probably 18 miniature ones.  I use an old Singer Upholstery machine all the time, to uph. antique furniture.  I don't know how anyone could make it without a sewing machine.  

Hi Julie, I often see these early sewing machines on my travels here in England, however I would imagine shipping costs to be quite high if I was to locate some for you. I am also saddened at the ways in which some of these machines have been dismantled and removed from their intricate/decorative iron bases & tread/pedal wheels etc. so that the base is then modified into a table stand for example, and the machines themselves just simply discarded. Many of them are very visual as items of interior display, particularly when placed upon a dresser or on a small table in a corner of a room. Anyway, I'll keep my eyes open now for you if only to gain some idea of the asking prices here for such items. One never knows what we may find when we are on the hunt!     

I know what you mean about being saddened by the state of some of these machines.  My husband actually found the white rotary in the back of a basement dismantled and filthy!  He put her all back together and cleaned her up and she sews like a dream and sooo quiet!  I want to carry her with me as well as the others to some of my sewing guild meetings but the White Rotary is sooo Heavy!  I'd have to take up lifting weights to carry her around! hahaha!

I don't have any miniatures but have a few of the others.  My husband does upholstery and car interiors for a living so he uses a Consew 225 every day He has his father's 1950's Singer 111w-155 also.  What model Singer do you use for your upholstery, if you don't mind my asking?

Julie, I went to the basement to see what model my old Singer is. Found a serial #, no model & looked up the # on Singers web site.  I use an old 1907 machine & it is a good old machine.  I have a Janome embroidery machine & a leather sewing machine (new) but have not used this one yet.  Wayne has used it to make knife sheaths & unreal how thick a leather it will sew thru. I only upholster antique furniture & mainly for myself, to keep or sell.  I so admire anyone brave & talented enough to do automobile interiors.

My husband is super talented !   I may be a little biased though ! haha ! Right now he's doing a old t-bird  I think they call them "baby birds" the ones with the port hole windows.  He's also  working on a 1968 Barracuda drag race car!  It's amazing to me to see what cars and what kinds of furniture come into the shop.   He wants me to learn on one of the big machines he uses but I don't know I'm alittle afraid of them hahahaha!

Julie, You sure should be proud of Your Husband. Does He do a lot of leather upholstery?  One of the auctioneers, from Hamilton, Oh has 2 auctions per yr., here at our local fairgrounds, Eaton, Oh.  We live 2 miles from Richmond, Ind, just over the Ohio border.  I use to buy upholstery hides online, but you wouldn't believe the cheap prices, these hides go for.  He would have a field day.  If you want me to let you all know, when they are having them, I will be glad to.  Using one of those big machines will make you feel powerful.  Go for it girl. 

Yes please let me know about the sale.  I'll let you know if I start learning or not.

Charles,  Now that is funny.  A man thing, I guess. Seriously, I use to take my vacation time from work to mend things for friends. When I quit doing that, I seen them less & less. Now I only mend for my 82 yr. old neighbors, who are like family to us. 

Wishing You a better New Year.  Hope Your Mom & Dad are doing better. My prayers are with You & Kathy Park.

I know what you mean about sewing for someone and then not seeing them after not doing it.  I made a couple of pooh bibs and a small crib size quilt for my nieces baby boy and even though it wasn't perfect ( I'm still a beginner at quilting.)  I never got so much as a thank you or anything . 80(  I also do Machine embroidery and I was talking with my mom  a while back about something I made and she asked is it hard to do ?  I said it takes a while to learn what buttons to push etc.. and she says " oh, so you don't actually sew anything?" That kind of hurt a little.

People that have never made things, with an embroidery machine has no idea, of the creativity & time it takes.  I am sure that Your Mom, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Yes, it takes enormous amount of time to learn how to layout & use one of those machines.  I took classes, when I bought mine & it was still very difficult.   You have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR.

Brenda thanks - my mom is due for her next chemo next week,suddenly it sems she has deterioratd so fast, my sister and i are rather scared, she went shopping on the weekend and could not lift a tin from the shelf, and she has always been so strong willed and fit, we dont know what this year will hold for us but she spent new year with me so was happy - one day at a time and never take people or life for granted and trust God no matter what you are facing.

Julie i have an old singer  table top machine is folds into the table -from my gran not sure of age or if it works i just put it aside with my stuff, i do see them here in SA alot as well - i think mine was converted as it has a foot pump thing, was also never looked after sadly and stood in my dads garage for ages - go wet etc so i have not even paid much attention to it, but perhaps i will see what i have for interest


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