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The largest collection of old engraved Persian copper in the world is for sale

We are offering a rare opportunity to acquire the largest collection of vintage Persian engraved copper originals in the world. This 2000 piece assortment includes finely engraved bowls, plates, vases, decanters, serving trays, and a remarkable group of large vessel pieces, many of which contain shapes and levels of engraving not seen in copper workshops for decades, if not centuries. This stunning collection was produced from 1920 - 1950, in our family workshops in Isfahan and Shiraz, Iran.

The vast majority of engraved Persian copper items - abundant in this collection - were made as bridal dowry gifts, and are famous for their originality, design rendering, and craftsmanship. All copper originals were tin washed for preservation. A residual amount of tin may remain after polishing, but the majority of our items still contain the original tin enclosure, which makes them very unique because they can be buffed and colored to any desired "look and feel", or advanced surface finishing technique. You can essentially acquire an old-world product, in its organically finished condition, and adapt it to modern decorative accessory markets.

Compare these engraved Persian copper pieces with virtually any collectable metal original and you'll find they rise above any item in their category. 

Note: This copper collection – in its entirety – was compliantly imported into the U.S. absent of any embargo or other importing restrictions on Iranian goods. As experienced importers/exporters since 1924, we will fully cooperate with the buyer of these goods, with respect to absolute compliance with all applicable U.S. Treasury/Commerce Dept regulations.

For further information, a breakdown of the styles and quantities in the collection, and pricing info, please contact us direct:

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