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I inherited this lighter, never used/still in box, from my dad. I sent the details to a North American Dupont dealer (Reyns International)  and received this reply:

"From the pictures you sent, this appears to be a Line(Ligne) 1 large lighter #14110 with a Diamond Cut pattern.  The design of this lighter has changed a little from when this one was manufactured (somewhere between 1955-1983)  The estimated price for a brand new lighter was $600 -$800 due to the high price of gold.  This lighter has 20 microns of gold."

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For Europe and some U. S. industries (i.e. jewelry trade), the unit of measurement is often expressed in “microns.” To get an idea of just how thick one micron is, it takes 1000 microns to make one millimeter. For comparison, a U.S. dime coin is 1250 microns or 1.25 millimeters in thickness.

in other words fancy way of saying gold plated

a us dollar bill is 200 microns thick

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