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many different bottles for sale just started collecting 5 months ago make offer

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Hello in looking at your bottles I would be interested in the New York whiskey bottle Also the 12 sided one in front in the picture cant read the name. I dig bottles and any with damage broken cracked are about worth recycle. Many of the bottles you show are newer 50-60's era. Most collectors want the pre 1900's bottles you can guess the age with the parting line. If it goes all the way up and around the lip its a machine made bottle. Post 1910. Most 19th centruy bottles the seam stops somewhere on the shoulder or under the lip. Also about 98% of what you dig you put back in the hole. Not very good odds but good excercise. There will always be specalized collectors like perfumes, fruit jars, milks, soda, and beer to name a few. As for milk bottles thats a whole world of collectors. For rarity you want the obscure towns and villiages. The larger cities are more common. Any with paint called pyro glaze, The more complete it is the better. Hope this helps and good luck on the sale

Let me know on the New York bottle, any damage etc.

thanks Kevin

hi kev i took more picts the new york bottle is emile gluck 3872 broadway new york

John well I looked through 9 books and cant find anything about this one. Hows the condition?? I am still interested in this one if its available. You can email me but I dont check it often thats why the delay


ha kev the 12 sided bottle is dr s a tuttle boston mass

Hello John I found this one in a couple books in the 6-10$ range. Thats with it perfect no chips, cracks and clean is better. Hard to get some of the stains out without a tumbler.


John the one at the bottom looks like a hair tonic cant read. You can see its turning purple this dates it to befor WW1. Manganese was used in the glass and we got it from Germany and with the war that stopped. It may turn more if you leave it in the sun. The other 2 center look like medicine cant read. The blue perfume is nice with the color and the lable and top are a plus. Looks like a more common jelly jar left and the ink eraiser is common made by various companies at the time still probably 40-50s era. The Carbonol looks like a stove blacking as with the carbon in the name not sure again not in the books.  The ones in the center row do all look like 1880-1900's bottles.  


ha kev i dont have your email thank you

ha kev u get email ty


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