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How do YOU utilize your wish list items?

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Thanks Cheri ..New photo thats a great idea! I really want to use that list so I'll give those ideas a try this weekend. Sunday is my afternoon to catch up with "paper work"
I check my wish lists everyday. It lets me know how much action my shop is getting. Then , when things get slow, I refer to my wish list and click, " most popular "...then I change something about the item..redo the photos, maybe reduce the price , or maybe offer free shipping...or , just edit the description. After I do that, the item moves up to my main page automatically , and , the wish list person receives an automatic email notice that something has changed with the item...they usually will have another look at the item..many times, this will sell the item. Best wishes , Linda Caricofe , RC Antiques on Ruby Lane....Linda's Shop Talk on Ruby Lane...A Vintage Gift on Ruby Plaza
Linda, I am so grateful for all these helpful hints. Gosh everyday I find out how much I don't know! I'm trying to avoid doing photo software this evening... maybe now is the time to tweek some most populars :-)
Although sometimes a wish list item turns into a purchase, I haven't found that anything I do is the motivator.  I have tried adding "make an offer," offering a discount, etc.,  - never gotten a response.  Will be interested to read if someone else has more than a random response to his/her strategy!


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