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I have decided to start posting ideas on here to share with Ruby Lane shop owners.
My Shop Talk videos are outdated because so much has changed on the net.
So, let's talk about whatever is on our minds.
Let's help each other move forward to the best year yet.
There's so many things we can do to spread the word.'
And, I will be the first to admit, even I have questions, such as, do you use Google +...I seem to have lost my way there.
My FaceBook page, I changed it to my name instead of my shop name, was that a good move ? Maybe I should work on a business FaceBook page, what do you think.
Pinterest, don't be without it.
And, time to come to the ning groups and talk and post..it really does help.
Let's get this group moving :-)
Best wishes, Linda Caricofe, RC Antiques on Ruby Lane


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So all sales go through RL directly? Shipping is handled by...? Is there communication w/the buyer beforehand like on 1st Dibs?

Yes, you have an independent shop within the mall. 

A customer orders, you get the order and take it from there. 

Communication, Shipping etc. 

RL does have guidelines. With over 2500 shops and also many countries this is important. 


I guess this is ok to post here. If not please someone remove. 

Good morning,
think of Ruby Lane as the street location of your on line shop.
 Once you begin putting items in your shop, you will notice, your shop page has the appearance of a web page, so, it really is your own web page, except, it is located on Ruby Lane instead of floating around in the Internet Galaxy.
You decide how you are going to run your shop...such as, what payment options, etc.

You conduct business the same as if you are behind the counter at your mall, only, you are on line.

Best of all, the Ruby Lane format is user friendly, not complicated.

They even have videos to guide you, if you need more help.
Also, Ruby Lane does not charge commission.
Here is the link for selling costs etc on Ruby Lane,


And, you can list items that are in your mall, which will double the exposure of those items...just be sure to pull the item from the floor or showcase asa it receives a purchase order from your on line shop.

We still had our brick and mortar antique mall when I opened my Ruby Lane shop in 2008.

At that time, I posted items in my Ruby Lane shop that was also in our mall....I had a flyer on the item promoting my Ruby Lane shop.

After opening your Ruby Lane shop, you network your items so your shop name shows well in the google search engine.

This site is a terrific site for that...your photos here would also have the link to the item in your shop...this site, helps bring traffic to your shop on line, the same as it helps people find your mall in Florida.




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