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I have decided to start posting ideas on here to share with Ruby Lane shop owners.
My Shop Talk videos are outdated because so much has changed on the net.
So, let's talk about whatever is on our minds.
Let's help each other move forward to the best year yet.
There's so many things we can do to spread the word.'
And, I will be the first to admit, even I have questions, such as, do you use Google +...I seem to have lost my way there.
My FaceBook page, I changed it to my name instead of my shop name, was that a good move ? Maybe I should work on a business FaceBook page, what do you think.
Pinterest, don't be without it.
And, time to come to the ning groups and talk and post..it really does help.
Let's get this group moving :-)
Best wishes, Linda Caricofe, RC Antiques on Ruby Lane


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Great thread.

Definitely have a separate pro FB page-non linked.

Pinterest scared me off when I saw their liability clauses that users were liable for copyright infringements. I now think that they've gotten do big that any action by them or any 'pinned' photo owners would have a class action suit in the works against them so will start using them again.

I use Pinterest each time I list an item in my shop.

As long as one does not post , let's say, 8 items at once, all will be fine.

There is also Ruby Lane Pinterest boards that  you can request to have an invite..I think they are still accepting requests.

If you are invited to a Ruby Lane Pinterest board, then, you can post your items there, along with, www.rubylane.com

This gives an extra perk to your listing because you will be posting to your Pinterest board and Ruby Lane Pinterest board.

I did have an RC Antiques FB page, but, at that time, many of the FB pages were flagged etc....so, I created the Linda Caricofe FB, but, it is still under my RC Antiques email.

Posting your RL shop items will not fall under the infringement copyright codes..that is a clause that is directed more for the bloggers and people who use sites such as Polyvore.

So, I highly recommend always posting your item on Pinterest...each time you list an item, just click the Pinterest button :-)

I am so happy to see someone has responded to my message.

I would like to see the Ruby Lane Group grow here.

Together as a group, will help us keep with with what's new etc.

These days, it is getting difficult to keep up with all the new apps.

So, do you have a person FB and also a business FB ?



Sounds great Linda. Here I am. 


Maybe an insider's primer for those of us not yet in Ruby...

What do you need to know? I am sure Linda has the answer. 

YAYAYAYAAYAYAY, how wonderful to see you here...now, if we can just get some more to come back here, we could get things started again.

What do you need to know House of Charm? 

I guess how well Ruby is working for everyone here & whether it's worthwhile....

Hi there,
I looked at your beautiful shop in Florida via your iantiqueonline link...your items are perfect for Ruby Lane.
I have been on Ruby Lane since 2008, but, have been selling on line since 1997.
My husband and I were also part owners of a huge antique mall here in Hagerstown, Md, we sold our shares 6 years ago.
I really do not think you can find a better site than Ruby Lane to sell your beautiful things.
I do not have a booth anywhere, instead, I am downsizing my collections via Ruby Lane.
I highly recommend them, especially for the type items you have in your wonderful shop.


Big, hearty endorsement-sounds good. How do other sites compare? Go Antiques for example...

I sold on GoAntiques 2 different times. Each venue and all the others have pros and cons. What works for one dealer will not for another. They each have different clientele also. 

So many factors go into this for me personally. The longevity and the customers of RL works for me. 

Ruby Lane is one of the oldest antique and collectibles mall online. Go to the relax section or the other buy sell on RL and browse and read away. 

I have sold on at least 10 different online places and am now exclusive on RL. It works for me and my inventory. 




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