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Is there an easy-to-use system for accepting occasional credit card payments for RL and RP?   Please share!


On both my RL and RP shops, currently I only accept PayPal and money orders.  All but one person so far has used Paypal.  On the guidance of another shop owner, I tried using the google credit card system, but since only one person used it, I really could not remember and navigate the process; I ended up losing the sale while I fumbled around.  Since I don't use layaway, and don't plan to, I'd like another option that allows buyers to pay on their own schedule.  Thanks for any help.



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Do you use PayPal's credit card program?


Another option is squareup.com, which I use for mobile sales.  It's an iphone or droid app, with a card reader for in-person purchases.  I also use it for RL customers who would prefer to give me their card directly and not go through the checkout process, for whatever reason.

Thanks - I signed up for Paypal's credit card program, but that also seemed clunky to me and I was paying for something that was not being used by my buyers.  Do you have many buyers that chose the credit card over Paypal?  


Re: squareup.com:   I don't quite understand what you are saying, but I'll go to this site and read up.  I do have an iphone, but must confess that in the six months I've owned it, I have not yet figured out how to make the apps work.  I can use the rest of it, so am not a total zero, but have had password issues that I haven't resolved and haven't been very motivated to use apps anyway.  Perhaps this is the kick in the pants I needed.  

Most of my sales are credit card purchases, whether paypal or square.  On your iphone, go to the app store and enter Square under search.  The app is free and the email they will send you sets up your account...  Good luck!
Yea - I have set up an account.  I am going to have my daughter "buy" something from me tomorrow to test drive the process.  This seems like it will work and is much easier to navigate than the google system.


I am now set up and ran a successful "test purchase" with my daughter.  I love how easy it is to use!   My question now is a concern about the lack of security involved in folks giving me all their key credit card information - not just their numbers but also their CVV.  If I were not honest, it would seem easy to use their information.  Although I state that I will delete it all, still, if I were a buyer I would not give out that information!  Do you take it over the phone?  It would not be secure for them to provide it in an ordinary email, or worse, via ruby lane's communication system.  How do you respond to buyers who express legitimate security concerns about providing you this information?  Or, is there a way to up the security level that I am not considering?  

I've had people give it to me over phone and send it to me in multiple emails via RL's messaging service which is secure (the messaging, not necessarily the phone!) and people have been okay with it. I assure them I delete the emails after the charge is made and square doesn't keep that info either, so once charged it just becomes a transaction. I usually initiate the "I'm concerned about your security" before they can, and no one has had a problem sending me their info. If anything, they've been relatively blasé about it...

we take credit card numbers over the phone, or in a couple of emails, most of the time people perfer phone.

also people I think have 1 billing cycle to rebunk (not sure if that is the right term) or dispute the charge on there cards,

I know I am thinking of the square, but I will have to change phone systems, tho my contract is up right now.

Craig Phillips

B & C Emporium antiques and original hardware and supplies




On the Jewel Collect blog, I read a number of complaints about the cost of various credit card systems.  I signed up, then cancelled PayPal's credit card system because it was unwieldy by phone and I just don't do much person-to-person sales.  I haven't used Square yet with a real customer, but it was definitely very user friendly to set up, the test run went well and only took a minute to input info and send my "fake buyer" a phone (or I could have chosen email) receipt for purchase.   Most of my questions were answered on their website.  It looks fantastic for personal sales, with a quick swipe and low cost.   I will be interested to see just how willing buyers are to give out that kind of info over the phone!   I wouldn't do it.   No initial costs and no contracts with Square.  Oh, and it is domestic sales only (which is fine with me; I want international buyers to use Pay Pal).


Anyone else out there in Ruby land with credit card processor experiences to share??


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