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This beautifully constructed dresser is unusually wide and deep, with superb craftsmanship and large, deep drawers.  This piece was falling apart and had generally been abused when I found it in my neighborhood in Philadelphia.  Falling apart!  

So this restoration involved a complete rebuild of the joints as well as replacing missing trim, fixing veneer chips, and reinventing the color palette to contemporize.

We chose a combination of light blue colors and replaced the old damaged hardware with sleek matching blue porcelain knobs.  



I pride myself on an extremely thorough job, inside & out.  I keep my drawers clean of overspray and polish them out prior to delivery, so the client gets a nice, inviting dresser to put their personal effects in immediately.  Can't stand these antique mall dealers who deliver furniture full of sawdust and paint flecks!  I want my finish to appear as if it was original to the piece's manufacture 80-90 years ago.

I like to use high-quality furniture, especially if it is labeled by an important maker of the time.  Saginaw shops made very high-quality furniture in the early 20th century.

I kept the distressing somewhat light on this one.  But my hallmark is an ultra-smooth, polished appearance, no brush marks, no drips, sleek and smooth despite subtle wear & tear that gives it character.  I use a 5-coat varnish professional finish over oil-based lacquer.  

If you want to see the rest of the album, here is a link to my archives-

Kitschnkaboodle's 2-tone Blue Saginaw Chest

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What a difference blue paint makes. Great photos.


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