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Coming this January 2009, author Judith Katz-Schwartz will moderate this group.
Here is more about Judith's book and background.
Protecting Your
Collectible Treasures

Secrets of a Collecting Diva

Judith Katz-Schwartz

Sanitize a teddy bear in the freezer? Clean pewter with cabbage? Yes! With low-cost, everyday household supplies, collectors can restore, repair, and refresh most any collectibles they own. This practical and penny-wise collecting connoisseur shares her savviest tips and tricks for breathing new life into cherished pieces.

Step-by-step techniques reveal how to clean and protect furniture, jewelry, glassware, dolls, toys, clothing, paper and more
Use common items—from milk, eggshells, and peanut butter to cold cream, credit cards, and toothpaste—to bust through dirt, mildew, and rust on delicate collectibles
Special "tools of the trade" section identifies old, worn, or used items around the house that collectors can save for future cleaning ease
Laugh and learn with lighthearted essays from author Judith Katz-Schwartz, a popular television personality and writer known for her humorous observations about the world of collecting.
m happy to tell you that author Judith

Until January, members are welcome to post forum discussions and comments and help each other with e care and repair of antiques and collectibles.

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This is a fascinating post..................Dianne....
The warm vinegar application is actually a good one, although sour milk is a little gentler for sterling silver.
Can you believe there's a salon here in NYC that advertises a bird poop facial?
It's sterilized nightingale droppings. True, but hilarious, I think. I could get the same facial by parking my car under a tree and lying across the windshield.
As I read Judith's fastforward capsule of her book Protecting Your Collectible Treasures, I'm holding the actual book in my hand.

I don't know what I would have done without it. In my ever expanding library of books on every conceivable collectible, I confess that Judith's book is the one I reach for most often.

Having been involved with vintage jewelry for the past 30+ years, I thought I knew everything about how to care for it. Wrong. Judith knows more. Tips and tricks I never thought of, they're in her book

A few years ago, I entered the world of collectible silver flatware. Do I love to polish silver? Not really. I might take a root canal instead if I had an alternative. Faced with a huge load of incredibly oxidized silver flatware that needed to be polished post haste for a show, I reached for Judith's book. Oh yeah, her tip on how to untarnish quickly and safely and en masse was priceless. My silver was brought up to snuff in a hurry, ready for the shows.

Anyone involved in collecting and/or selling antiques and collectibles should not be without this book. It's the best investment you'll ever make. One very good reason: You'll never ever ruin the value of any collectible (again!) by using the wrong cleaning methods. That alone is worth many times the price of this book.

Did Judith ask me to write this? Nope. No way. Judith never would. I know Judith since way back and it's the last thing she'd do. So this plug is totally unsolicited and only made in the interest of every collector and/or dealer who would like to call him or herself that.

Where to find it? Ask Judy. I don't know. I've had my copy since it was published!


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