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Let's move on to glass.

Keep It Clean
You may not want to put your good crystal or glass collectibles in the dishwasher. I have just acquired a dishwasher for the first time in my life, and I've seen how it can cloud the crystal. There are several good methods for keeping your glass items gorgeous. Both ammonia and vinegar are great for a streak-free shine. After you've cleaned the glass, wipe it with newspaper instead of a towel or cloth. The glass will be lint-free.

Another good class cleaner can be made by dissolving a quarter cup of cornstarch in one quart of warm water. Then use a clean sponge saturated with the solution to clean your glass items. Wipe them dry afterward.

Rubbing alcohol works too. In a pinch, you can even use vodka.

Mirror Mirror
Use Barbasol shaving cream to clean your mirrors and they won't fog. Excellent for the mirrors in your bathroom, because high heat and humidity will not affect their clarity. If your old mirror is really filthy, use Coca-Cola to clean it. Just wipe on, wipe off.

Those Stubborn Stains and Narrow Necks
Hard water marks resulting from water allowed to stand in a vase or bottle for a long time may require the use of more than one method and, if the glass has been etched, the rings will never come out. Try some of these methods for stubborn stains - they're safe for all glassware:
Eggshells - Break some eggshells into small pieces. Fill the vase with hot water and the eggshells. Cover the opening of the vase and shake hard. The eggshells will act as a mild abrasive and dislodge the stain.
Rice - Use raw rice, sliding it a little at a time into the vase. Add hot water, cover the opening and shake vigorously. You could also use BBs, sand, or other mild abrasives.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Fill the vase or bottle with water and add toilet bowl cleaner, adhering to the strength recommendations on the package. Let it stand for a few hours and rinse thoroughly.
Denture Cleaner - Fill the bottle or vase with water and drop in the denture tablet or powder. Let it stand overnight, then rinse thoroughly.

More coming....

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