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Hi Leah,

I did look over Junkables the other day.I got a bit confused with how payment arrangements had been explained. Is it possible to send a Paypal invoice to a potential customer as opposed to "what I didn't get", on my first perusal of the site. Anything tech is a bit of a struggle for me to get situated inside mt head.

I will definitely continue to wander around, :) Free is always good!
UknowUneed Another - I am not exactly for sure what you are asking, the paypal invoice is sent out by paypal from the sellers account. The payment arrangements are between the seller and the buyer - the seller uses their own paypal account if they choose to put a paypal button on or the seller can just accept other means of payment. I am not for sure if that is what you are asking, if not let me know and i will see if i can answer it a little better. is just a website that allows members to list their items for sale - we do not charge for any listing or sellers fees.
Thanks so much for looking and please keep the feedback coming - always need things to make us a better site for sellers and buyers.
Thank you for your comments.
And we will never add new items to the sites, that is one of the reasons we thought would be different - because we intend to always keep it for just antique lovers
I was also a bit "put off" by these areas. Can you explain how these are related?
No you are not misunderstanding the purpose, i have made my nephews and their mom change the website to something else. My nephews first put the site on when i first changed to a member based site and i was testing the member system - the website he had was something for videos ,then he has changed the site to three different things just trying to see what he can do - being that i help him design the site in the beginning i allowed him to put it on and then he changed it to something else and i was just not paying attention , that is why their were three people with that as their site but they have changed them now, - Those three people were helping me test the system and making sure everything was working in the beginning.
We are tring to make sure now that all the websites listed are about antiques and collectibles - I just dropped the ball on the fridaynightonline.
I just went to Junkables, and am confused. I put my curser over your seller fees link, and some mortgage company ad keeps coming up?? Whats up with that?
Hi Dempsey, the info links that come up when you put your curser over certain words is a way to make money on a site that is free to our members. It is info links and it generates money in the same way google ads does - I am just testing it out to see if it will generate more money for our website than just using google ads. I am not very happy with the way the infolinks puts their links on our page though - becasue most of them are not about antiques and unless we find that they really generate more money than google does - we will take them off before long. Thanks for all of you guys looking at and all the great help everyone has been giving us.
I Do Understand. $$ Needs to come from somewhere, and it's Nice that your Not taking it from your Foundation, your users. This is the Biggest Problem in the antique business today. ALL Promoters want to get Rich off of OUR HARD WORK, instead of using alternative sources for income. While building a Strong User Foundation. Which in the end, WILL ATTRACT MANY CUSTOMERS!
You've been such a GREAT HELP Leah! And your site is Very Promising. I will Definitely be using it from now on. Anyone who puts in as MUCH WORK as you are doing, Deserves ALL the Support they can get. So ANYONE here on I-Antiques, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you joining Leah's!
Like anything just starting out, we All Need to keep patience. And we have a "real" Down to Earth person on the other end to Help us with our CoNfUSiOnZ....!

Thanks again Leah, and Best of Luck! I'll do what I can to promote you.
Thank you so much Dennis


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