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Legacy America Glossary of  Historical Cultural Political Terms'


- A -

about uncirculated (AU)
Grade denoting nearly pristine, untouched condition.

albumen silver print (al-byoo'men)
Photograph made using a process invented in 1850 by Louis-Desiré Blanquart Evrard, in which paper treated with a solution of egg white (albumen) and salt, then sensitized with a silver nitrate emulsion, was then contact-printed with a glass plate negative through exposure to sunlight. The resulting print was typically yellow- to reddish-brown in tone. The first commercially exploitable method of producing a print from a negative, in wide use in America and Europe, c. 1860-1900. Common formats were carte de visite, cabinet card and stereograph.

Photograph made using a process patented in 1854 by James Ambrose Cutting, in which a glass plate negative is backed with an opaque lacquer, black paper or cloth to produce a positive image. Used as a cheaper replacement for the daguerreotype prior to the introduction of the albumen process, c. 1855-1865. See photographic plate sizes for common formats.

automobile attachment
Sign, usually metal or plastic, attached to an automobile bumper, radiator, radio antenna, or as a hood ornament.

- B -

Trade jargon. Paper label inserted in the back of a (usually celluloid) pinback button, bearing the manufacturer’s name, union insignia, issuing group and/or an advertisement.

Device or emblem signifying membership in a society or group, often with official or honorary title, identifying the wearer as practitioner of a specialized trade or profession, or advocating a political cause or candidate.

Roster of officially recognized candidates for office, or of proposed laws or enactments, used to cast a vote in an election.

Square of cloth, larger than a kerchief, usually with a decorative border and central design, intended for use as a scarf.

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