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What is Biggest Pick You Ever Came Home With? And How did you get it home?


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On one sweep Charles? And where?



Biggest one and only pick or biggest haul?  Wow, I would say 3 truck loads and a  jeep filled with between 3 and 4 thousand record albums.  Listing them seems there is no end in sight.  This is before they were organized:
At an auction - okay several auctions - I had to send my husband numerous times back and forth to auction sites with a truck - even enlisted the aid of others to haul home my goodies - at one in Malta IL - no one was interested in the books - about 100 or so boxes of books - I wound up buying them for $10.00 - teeheeteehee- did I laugh going to the bank - and still am - first editions - Mark Twain - Jane Eyre - books going back to early 1800s - many in mint condition. Then there was another box of junque for $1.00 -- had this amazing little vase marked LCT - turned out to be a rarity and left my hands for $10,000. Oh, so many stories to tell about the good old days!
lct? tiffany lct?! i am sooo jealous.

Oh my Merlyl...that was quite a pick.



I bought a few hundred boxes of vintage millinery flowers, foil pressed paper leaves, japanese mercury glass xmas garlands and picks from a floral designer/manufacturer/florists widow's estate sale. there were about 50 boxes of linen oilcloth leaves, boxes of old perfumes and jewelry, clothes, and some art glass too. it took 4 people and 2 trips in a large u-haul and i left 20% after the auctioneer lost her grip and demanded i "clean out" the house or pay her. 

oh by boxes i mean :

my entryway!" target="_blank">BOXES

each box is 49 by 16 by 6 inches deep



I would love to see what is in the boxes...I craft with  millinery flowers and leaves. What are you planing to do with this stuff? Dianne

i only have about 50% listed so far to be honest but they are on Etsy and Ebay. Prices are lower and i make volume/ wholesale "deals" for Etsy buyers; I often even have a 10% off coupon-code on Etsy.

Avaricia's Vintage Millinery Flowers on Etsy

Avaricia's Millinery Flowers on Ebay

there are pictures in our Flickr account too:

Avaricia's Vintage Millinery Supplies on Flickr

I filled up my high top van twice with boxes upon boxes of Vintage Christmas items. I bid online at a local area auction. I thought I was buying a few boxes of Christmas Ornaments - Rofl!

I ended up filling up our 2.5 car garage with this pick - hubby was NOT a happy camper - LOL

I had to rent another booth at the Antique mall where I sell - and filled it three times from August through January. Then sold the remants for 2 years afterward - I just sold the last of it this Christmas. What a Mess! But it was fun and very lucrative - I think I only bid $50 on the whole thing!

what a great score. my mouth was watering just reading that! good vintage christmas is so hard to find and the prices juat keep rising. great story.

This may not be my biggest pick, but it was the stuff of family conversation for years! My mother and I were driving my 3 elderly Aunts back to their home after an extended visit. We all liked tag sales, so we stopped at one on the way. I fell in love with a HUGE, ornate plaster decorated frame, at a great price. My Mom had a little Mustang, and the only way to fit it in the car was to put it over the heads of the little ladies sitting in the back seat. Those poor dears rode 2 hours with their heads stuck through the frame, which filled the width of the back seat.

Everybody but me is gone now, so the legend has about died, but I still have the frame, into which I put a mirror. It is in my basement, no room for it on my current walls, but I think of the tale, with love, each time I walk past it.


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