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I too love Pawn Stars but is it really possible that all those experts just happen to live in Las Vegas? Here is a list of some that have appeared on the show, as per Wikipedia:

  • Bill Ybarzabal – Boat restorer, and owner of A1A Marine Tech.
  • Wally Korhonen – Expert in automobile restoration, and owner of Rusty Nuts Rods and Customs.
  • Dana Linett – Expert in artifacts from Early American history, including the Colonial and Revolutionary periods, and President of Early American History Auctions.
  • Mark Hall-Patton – 20th Century historian and administrator of the Clark County Heritage Museum and the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum at McCarran Airport.
  • Mark Logan – Expert in classic and performance cars, as well as dragsters, and President of Nevada Classics, Inc. and Shelby Cars Northwest.
  • Mark Allen – Performer and collector of Western memorabilia, and owner of Wild West Arts Club and Western Stage Props.
  • Jesse – Expert in stringed instruments, and manager of Cowtown Guitars.
  • Sean Rich – Antique arms and armory expert, specializing in the 16th to 18th Centuries, and owner of Tortuga Trading Inc.
  • Rick Dale – Metal artist and antique restorer, and owner of Rick's Restorations. Dale also stars in American Restoration, a spin-off set at Rick's Restorations and staring Dale and his staff, which premiered in October 2010.
  • Tony Dee – Antique firearms expert
  • Ferdinand Geitner – Master watchmaker and clockmaker, expert in timepieces, and owner of Montecito Clock Gallery.
  • Brenda AndersonHandwriting expert and owner of Expert Handwriting Analysis.
  • Charles – Archery specialist and manager of Pacific Archery Sales.
  • Drew Max – Forensic document examiner/handwriting expert, and owner of Authentic Autographs Unlimited.
  • Danny Koker – Motorcycle restoration expert, and owner of Count’s Kustoms.
  • Johnny Jimenez – Expert in vintage toys, and owner of Toy Shack Las Vegas.

Jeeze, I live in NYC and I don't know if experts in all these fields could be found here!

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It's a typical reality show scripted for entertainment.
Hi! Are you doubting these people exist in Las Vegas? If this weren't true, wouldn't the network be libal? I think so!

Folks, I help out in a pawn shop some and while I'd never say it's not authentic, I will say it's way away from what I normally see in a pawn shop.  Now, if you want a look that is, in my humble opinion, more indicative of an average run of the mill pawn shop, watch Hardcore Pawn.  Can't remember which network it's on, but it's more everyday, run of the mill.  Then again, Vegas is Vegas and strange things do happen. 


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