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Have You Ever Visited A Pawn Shop To Sell or Buy Things? What Have You  Sold?


How many of you have  walked into a Pawn shop to sell  something or buy something?

Tell us about your experience. What advice would you have? Do you go to Pawn shops to buy as well? Let's hear from our members......tell us more.

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An old discussion I see.  Let me comment and we'll see if it will jog it. 


I help in a pawn shop some.  We often have folks come in to sell things, as I'm sure they all do,  but let me throw a few things out. 

As in when you are shopping/looking to possibly purchase an antique piece, do your homework as to what something actually sells for.  But you can't realistically expect to get from the shop what it will generally sell for.  Don't forget, the shop is a business and as such they are there to make a profit for their owner.  Therefore, they can't give you what something will sell for because that's probably something close to what they will try to sell it for. 


Let's say you have a used TV that might sell for a hundred dollars.  The shop can't give you that same hundred and turn around, sell it and make a profit.  In fact, they can't give you even close to that hundred because they very well may have to sit on that purchase for some few months before they themselves sell it thereby tying up their money till they do. 


The same is true for jewelry.  You can't expect to get for your jewelry what a retail jewelry store asks for it.  Don't expect to pay 500 for something at a store and expect to sell it at a pawn shop for close to that.  A pawn shop is going to make you an offer based on your carat count, weight of your piece, and size of your diamonds if your piece has any. 


And keep quality in mind.  Don't take used, abused, and otherwise maltreated items to a shop and expect it to be bought.  With a pawn shop it's all about how well, or not, they are likely to be able to sell your item to the public "after" they buy it from you. 


And remember, they are there to make a profit, not just to give you money. 


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