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Who remembers  hanging this popular poster in their apartments or Dorm rooms? 

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After my time (the poster, not the sentiment) but I never really liked this - always seemed too simplistic and not terribly convincing. (It reached the intellect, but not the emotions.)

Hmm Bill...I always thought poster was a direct hit to the crux of the matter.

I never saw it before but I agree with Bill about it being simplistic. I had two "emotional" reactions: "no kidding" and children are not "things".

I was hoping to see a poster of Farah Fawcett.

Too funny.

That one took a lot of minds off the war. Personally, if I'd had a poster then, or even now, it would Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider telling everyone that "you're number one" (or something...)

The year was (I think) 1969. Hopper and Fonda. Hopper is pointing at the clouds (guess it's raining)...In 1974 Evel Knievel attempted to jump the snake river canyon at Twin Falls. I was Internal VP of the Jaycees and signed Evel into our chapter! The quorum voted 8 for 1 against sponsoring him. I was the only "against".  The Jaycees filled up two refrigerated semi-trailers with cold beer. When K failed the jump the crowd rioted, stormed the trailers, took the beer, money and 2 shotguns, then they burned the two trailers. The organization lost $60,000 filed bankruptcy and lost their charter.

I understand one of the original mechanics on K's rocket is planning to jump the canyon sometime this summer, 2016.

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