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Surely something has happened to somebody somewhere.  Vicki mentioned elsewhere about a loved one who broke her hip.  Sorry to hear about it, wishing her a quick recovery.

DIANNE, what's new on the horizon?

GARAGE SALES, ANYBODY find any drop-dead bargains?  Tell us.

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Silly ? if you are still here but have never figured out how one ships a LP record. 

Pizza Box? I am serious on this ? 

Do you put 2 boxes together to make one? 

Thanks. I see no way to ship for $4.00 much of anything. 

Don't know how many sell on Etsy and don't want to start fear, uncertainty and doubt but, they are have some major order processing issues that started around the first of July and has a lot of potential buyers looking elsewhere. We have noticed a down turn in sales as well. We just brought up our own site on Weebly. Not for everybody, but no big deal if a little motivated. Mine was up in 3-days working part time in the evenings. You can check out some our latest picks we found last week traveling in the south while taking our premo dancer granddaughter down to Baton Rouge, yes I said Baton Rouge for 3 week intensive, this has been planned since last December.

I just saw this. 

I was on vacation during that fiasco thank goodness. 

Baton Rouge is getting hit hard by flooding now. 

Prayers are with everyone there in Louisiana. 

I have been on this site forever and never even knew this thread existed. 

I do come off and on though. So many social places now. 

Listing items on my shops with all of them time is crucial now. 

Thanks. Sandy 

Good morning, I hope everyone is warm, safe and enjoying the holiday season. Here in Columbus things have been cold and ice has covered everything making it dangerous walking out of the house. I did have to venture out on Thursday to pick up my winnings from an online auction. As I turned on the street to the house to pay my $13.00 and collect my shelving contents that I purchased, the car did a little fishtail on the ice. I was able to glide down the subtle hill towards my destination muttering to myself that there is a good chance of wrecking my car for a bunch of nicknacks that cost $13.00 but, could cost me a $500.00 deductible. I parked the car and walked the treacherous sidewalk the rest of the way, I packed up my container and gave away the metal shelf, praying I would make it back home without a desaturase incident. Thankfully, I made it home safely with the contents of my container intact.
I missed taking Tiki (the dog) to the park yesterday and didn't venture out for John Glenn's Memorial, God speed.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! May your holidays be filled with moments that make beautiful memories.

I recently picked up this 1950's custom sectional sofa with rear sofa table at an estate auction. Will be selling it as soon as I put together the pictures and presentation for a high end, vintage furniture web site.


We are delving into vintage kitchen counter appliances and slot cars from the 1960s. Using 3D printing to reproduce bodies and chassis of these classic cars. 


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