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Surely something has happened to somebody somewhere.  Vicki mentioned elsewhere about a loved one who broke her hip.  Sorry to hear about it, wishing her a quick recovery.

DIANNE, what's new on the horizon?

GARAGE SALES, ANYBODY find any drop-dead bargains?  Tell us.

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Well, Tom, I don't want to appear to "hog" the board. I schmoozed a bit and now it's someone else's turn I feel. I miss Dianne's input too. Where are you, Dianne? Not seen in Members Online for the past several days, and I do check in at least once a day here.

Sandra, I see you're in the doll group.  Kristy Neal is the Moderator. She is also a Doll Doctor and can probably help you.

In 2011 I used Kathryn Chancellor, The Doll Co., 854 Crystal Lake Lane; Spring, TX 77380.  to repair a composition doll. She also had a wooden part carved and installed and restrung it.  She did excellent work.  My only complaint was that she took 12 months to do it.  Cost was more than agreed but now my doll (I paid $2.50 for it) is worth $1,800.

we got a new pup after our German Shepherd passed away we were lost without her so was our Border Collie so we got Duke a rescued dog to keep us company...he's a scamp but very loving !! So been busy puppy training  !

Oh, I am so sorry for your loss Angela. The time they are with us is always too short. Duke looks like a mighty fine dog and I applaud you for adopting a rescue! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

This is my Tiki, she is the bright spot in our lives.

thanks Linda...we have always adopted rescued dogs they have so much love to share if given a chance Duke had just 3 days left before he would have been destroyed if a local charity hadn't stepped in, Tiki looks like a distant cousin :)

I love Border Collies. Very intelligent. Beautiful. 

Some harder to have then others. 

Some the instinct to herd is huge. 

We just lost our Snow Bangle kitten after owning her for just 2 months. She was 4 months old. FIP is a nasty disease.

I picked up a clear Eisenberg original fur clip, 5".  Very beautiful. Got two bags out of a box at an estate sale and bought with out going through.  Just went with my gut  feeling. Picked up turquoise & sterling but this got my attention.

Beautiful !!

Thanks, after I screamed that's what I said. I'm having a hard time getting a really good photo.

Well, this isn't news, but it might qualify as schmooze - at least among those of us who use eBay. I'm finding it harder and harder to sell the small items that used to come and go quickly. Why? The economy in general, of course, but this last increase in postal rates has been nasty. I understand the need for increases from time to time, but this was a double one: they raised the rates and eliminated the discount rate for Click-n-ship. When your profit is a couple of bucks, the 20 - 25 cents for a label used to be offset by the discount. No more. I've sold things for hundred$, but just as many items went for under $10. The volume sellers of things such as 99¢ records (remember them?) must really be hurting. Anybody else unhappy with the Post Office? (Just the rates, on my part; service has been great and delivery prompt.)

The fact that eBay is firm on media and then takes 10% makes it hard to ship records. It usually cost me more that the $4.00 to ship. I can't figure out how others do it.

 Everything is going up but checks. I just got a letter with another increase on internet.  Will say I called and they took it back down  so I'm good. Do understand where you are coming  from. 


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