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Im a neat freak... and our site has limitations. I can't deal with the way groups (like this one) have a top DISCUSSION FORUM AND a bottom Comment Wall. It's hard to follow conversations on the bottom COMMENT WALL. So lets try using the top portion of the group News and Schmooze where conversations make sense.

 Try this out....go back to the main page of this group and post a brand new discussion.

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Comment by Carol Anne of Pearl's Parlor yesterdayDelete Comment

I'd vote to remove the bottom section since it is a little confusing as to the difference between the two sections.

I totally didn't even realize that there was a discussion and comment section! I was just looking at the comments! Too confusing. Time to eliminate :)

OK very shortly I will eliminate bottom portion of the group and hope people will like NEAT discussions?

Are you talking about replying here?

Bill, to use this discussion as an example. Do you see how when you use the top portion of the group, called the Discusssion forum comments made my members are organized in a flow which is easy to follow. So you posted correctly, compare this to bottom of a group where comments are made but not in any organized way. One minute someone could post about rain on Houston and the next comment could be about the fees in an Antique Mall. The upper section of any group allows discussions to form in threads that are archived.
What were you trying to do?

If I understand, now I know why sometimes individual topics are presented on different "pages" (discussion) and why sometimes things all seem to be jumbled together (comments).  If I am correct, I am very much in favor of doing away with "comments".

Betty, interestingly enough there are some good points about keeping the comment wall. see what Liz wrote in the the Discussion Forum titled "What would you change in this site"

I may NOT understand the difference between the two sections.  I just know that I like to see a topic and then decide whether or not to open the email.  True, i  probably won't open one titled "Can you identify this painter?", but if I am not interested in a topic it is easy to bypass it.  I thought that the comment wall was where one might find someone posting a pic of a glass bird, to be followed by someone writing about a writing desk, to be followed by someone else asking for help in identifying a wooden object.  If I remember correctly that is sort of how "What did you find today" works - and I find it extremely frustrating.

What I don't like about the Comment Wall is that people post items for Identification. A reply may not be made for a day or two and during the lapse the posted item cannot be found, or answered.  It gets lost. Even instructions such as this will not be viewable in a week or so.

The COMMENT WALL IS FOR COMMENTS ONLY!   Don't ask questions and don't expect answers.

The DISCUSSION WALL IS FOR DISCUSSING THINGS.  All info, pics, replies, links stay together. Your questions, our answers, all stay together.  Don't make comments in the Discussion Wall.

Replying to tonsantiquesetcetera -- That sounds like a reasonable idea, but - WHERE ARE THESE WALLS? I see an upper area, where Dianne originally posted the "neat freak" statement; below that is a box labled "reply". If I reply in that box, it ends up in the list below; I'm presuming that this reply - to a reply - will end up near tomsand.... reply. this a comment wall, or is it a discussion wall? Whichever it is, where's the other one? Neither "Comment" nor "Discussion" shows on the page, only "Reply". (Using Firefox on a Mac, if that makes a difference.) Thanks.

Bill, Dianne (boss lady) said something a day or two ago that she was going to get rid of the Comment Wall and it looks like she did.  So forget what I said and don't look for the other wall as it no longer exists.



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