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Right now, funds are what stops me from fixing quirks on this site. But I'm interested in hearing from members, what would you change on this site if we could make changes? Who knows, maybe some of your feedback would result in an easy change. Let's hear some constructive comments that we can discuss.

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The Comment Wall write box appears so invitingly BIG that it is the first place to go to. The top Discussion topic lines do not look as inviting.

The Comments on the Comment Wall list are easy to read and sort out at a glance. No need to visit multiple Discussion topics to see if what was posted there might be of interest. Especially when many of them say nothing except "I am here"..

If the Comment Wall disappears I fear that many "commenters" would also. It's more fun to post to than to pick a Discussion to open, or even to make up one's own that no one may want to read or comment on based on the chosen  topic headline.

If Discussions appeared threaded but in a Comment Wall format, i.e. open at a glance, it might be a win-win format. If it could be done of course with the tools available within the IAO web format.

Liz, I agree with your thinking. Not sure what to do...cause its hard to follow conversations on the Comment wall?


OK, Dianne - I think I'm beginning to get the idea (lazy brain day). What confused me is that I don't see the words "Comment Wall",  "Comment", or "Discussion" anywhere on the page (except "back to the discussions). All I see is a large box with the heading "Reply to This". That appears to be the right place, but the labeling is off. Also, where else *could* I post a reply? Sorry for being dense...

Bill, it will take time, but you will figure things out. Im as computer challenged as they come...but Im learning. By the time I figured our how to manage this network...they came up with a revised version of the software. Im too afraid to change to the new version. Dianne

Liz, I can remember when Fritos first came out in the late 1950s, 5 cents a bag, and they were the good ones. Corn nuts too. Yummy.

Dianne, I see you are running an ad for on-line painting instructions. Is this the dawn of something new? Advertising for services? Good idea, maybe we can discuss money-making ideas for IAO. Do you have set fees for ads? Everybody can chime in on this topic. 

I've often thought about having written appraisals for a fee. In writing they can be used for insurance, inheritance pricing, income tax, as well as resell values.

I am not sure if I am in the right spot most of the time, but love being here! Just point me in the right direction if I mess up! :-)

Nancy Denise... At the very top is a black line, IAO's search engine. Type in there and all relevant Posts herein will show up.

Suggest you click on GROUPS above. Surf thru them. All are Free to join. If you find one that interests you surf thru it too.

If you get lost or forget where you posted something click on your Avatar and it will take you to your home page where ALL your posts are kept.

Hi, I was going to post a topic, "What Motivates You To Work on Your Antique" business or hobby.

Not sure if newer users can post new topics. 


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