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Who collects and/or buys Bakelite? I just did a blog on it, how finding good quality at a fair price is getting harder. We have bought and sold Bakelite jewelry and other items for the past 8 years and the market appears at least in our area to be drying up.

We became very proficient in identifying and describing correctly Bakelite jewelry. Bakelite was created by Leo Baekeland in 1907 by accident when trying to create a replacement for shellac. From jewelry to telephones it was the for-runner to today's plastic. Lucite replaced most Bakelite by the 1950s. Blog Post

I also just posted some of our latest Bakelite picks to our profile.

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I am 77 yrs old and live in NJ. I still have all of my bakelite jewelry from when I bought it. Nothing expensive, just the run of the mill stuff. Would it have any value?


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