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Faye, that's not a totem pole.  I believe it's a stone animal, or human (doll),  effigy.  An effigy is a stone that looks like some animal or person and may even be carved or worked into the form of an animal.  New effigies range in values from $300-up.  Old ones, I don't know but if you can have it authenticated then the value might be 4-5 figures. 

Another thing to watch for are called "shadow rocks". These are non-descriptional rocks that have no outward indication of their purpose, When positioned PROPERLY a shadow is cast by the sun and forms the face of a man, woman or child.  Usually you will find 3 or more shadow stones buried together.  Use a flashlight to cast a shadow; keep turning the rock to see if a shadow is or isn't cast.  Tom

They are geofacts.


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