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By: John Hogan

A Tea & Toast Set is the combination of a cup and an irregular sh


ape large under plate that has an indented ring such that the cup may rest inside. The under plate is for holding a toast or sandwich.


These little sets are commonly referred to under several names: (a) breakfast sets, (b) tea & toast sets, or (c) sandwich sets. All three references are used interchangeably and are acceptable descriptions for such shape cup and under tray. The English like to refer to these as Tea & Toast Sets; the Americans like to refer to these sets as Breakfast Sets or Sandwich Sets.


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Tea and Toast Set, Tiffin set, Tennis Set are all British terminology for what we loosely call snack sets.  Glass snack sets were mostly made during the 1940s through the 1960s, in the USA.  The porcelain and pottery sets can be much older.  The oldest two piece snack set I've found was a Haviland & Co. set from the 1890s but it's possible that some of those from Japan backstamped "Nippon" might be equally as antique.


Originally, these were not used for "soup and sandwich", these were for serving tea/coffee and dessert.



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