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Canada's Red Rose Tea started distributing tiny Wade pieces, known as Whimsies, in 1967 as a way of helping their declining sales. One piece was put into each box of Red Rose Tea Bags. The first set of twelve animals proved to be extremely popular. 

Check out this website for more information:





Also if you are curious about the prices/values check out this website:









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Oh, I love the mini teapots - never saw those before! I have only kept a few for myself. I have the wonderful Fish, and a very interesting Dog pencil holder. Love them!
Thank you for sharing!

I have a collection of the wade whimsies myself and started using Wades as a little gift to take my grandchildren when I went to visit. This started them enjoying Wade collecting as well.  I currently have an assortment of 18 pieces for sale at the Vintage Touch online store at: http://deannamoyers.ecrater.com

The link to the Wade figurines for sale is:


You can find a variety of vintage merchandise at the Vintage Touch online store and you are invited to browse my category aisles for many items that may be of interest to you.

Thank you for sharing this with us and posting items for sale.  Could you also add your items to the Marketplace discussion, which will become a central place for selling tea collectibles.  Thanks so much!


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