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I did post this in a recent discussion, but we have gotten so many new members I am asking for help once again.

I have a tea cup with saucer. Barvarian Teacup w/saucer. Bayreath Porcelain of West Germany.  Pattern is 'Gloria'. Has also been known as 'Brillant Gold' I was so glad to find my piece on the internet, But what I found was the teacup shown had the print on the outside of the cup. Mine has the print on the inside of the cup?? The saucer does not show a picture at all.  Got the Pattern name, Gloria, on bottom of teacup. Is this an oops or a permanent change by the artist/factory?  Does this difference increase the # of pieces made? Or the selling cost? I am so confused and looking for any help at all.  Thanks Bernie

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Often cups and saucers with the same pattern are made by different manufacturers...same name, but with some design differences. Also, the pattern may be made by the same maker, but with a different design placement, addition, updated look etc. This most often happens with patterns made at different dates using the same name & basic design but updated or slightly changed to reflect current sensibilities or just to get folks to buy items to go with there existing sets, as a sales stimulus.  :)


Bernie - My guess is that the manufacturer made many variations. They had lots of blanks, lots of decals, lots of borders and lots of ability to mix and match between them all. They used a pearlized (Iridescent) glaze on the saucer but tied in the plain white inside of the cup with the white central portion of the saucer. They may have intended this to be part of a larger tea service or were just shooting to make pretty C & S sets with as much BLING as they could throw on. The trick would be to see if you can find a creamer, sugar bowl or teapot with THIS combination of colors and patterns. Otherwise, their intention might have just to use what they had in as many ways possible to give the customer lots of choices, in hopes that SOMETHING would please enough to make them buy. The use of mix and match sets for Teatime has been popular for a VERY long time.

Deb and Ruth, Thanks for the quick responses.  My mother has different teacups and saucers, I took this one as I liked it best.  If I do sell it she will get the Kings Ransom. Thanks to both,  Bernie/ Your Bounty

Barvarian Teacup w/saucer. Bayreath Porcelain of West Germany,   Does anyone have any idea what price range this would fall into.  Went looking online, The price range was overwhelming.
Sometimes the more I read the more confused I become. Thanks Bernie


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