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I love vintage tea cups and saucers! They are so romantic and take us back to a time of hand-embroidered tablecloths, fine bone china floral tea cups, dainty sandwiches and pastries, dressing up in pretty dresses with stunning hats.

There are countless different styles from England, Germany, France, Japan, etc.  Art deco, Victorian, 50s, you name it.  Some are floral, some are souvenir, scenic, abstract, hand painted or transferware.

Collecting tea cups and saucers is affordable, with price ranges starting at less than $10.  You can serve tea in them and use them for special occasions or even every day.  Rare antique cups and saucers can reach prices in the hundreds of dollars or higher and can be displayed in china cabinets. Each one is a work of art!

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From Hot Cottage Collectibes For Vintage Style Homes,C. Dianne Zweig, Collectorbooks.com

One of my favorites, a pair...


This is my favourite teacup in the collection that's for sale:


Unmarked, but it's translucent and I love the flower blossom handle.
Time Travelers

Here are some of my collection I find things at Goodwill, consignment shops and online auctions

A few more of my tea sets

Ooooo!  Drooling over that French or Barvaian set above with the purple flowers.  'Tis Lovely!

I have a tea cup with saucer.  Barvarian Teacup w/saucer.  Bayreath Porcelain of West Germany.

Pattern is 'Gloria'.  Has also been known as 'Brillant Gold'  I was so glad to find my piece on the internet, But what I found was the teacup shown had the print on the outside of the cup.  Mine has the print on the inside of the cup??  Any thoughts on this?  Thanks Bernie


Any idea why this cup and saucer looks slightly different?   I also noticed the plate I found did not have any picture on it.  Very confusing.  Bernie

Probably so that they could put all that gold on the outside!  A company could slap that decal anyplace they chose. Pretty set

Thanks, Bernie

From the stock of English collectibles at Time Was Antiques, http://www.timewasantiques.net

Shelley England Melody Chintz Mocha Cup And Saucer


I love the colour of this set very spring like.

I collect Carlto Ware in Australia and will try to upload some photoes. Its nothing like any of the above however has some charm and reflective of a spring garden.


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