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I have two VHD video players, models 3D01, from Thorn EMi, dated 1984. Unfortunatelly I haven't VHD discs. Any suggestion where to get some ?

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VHD was first demonstrated in 1978, and after numerous advertisements in 1981/1982 National Geographic magazines; it was eventually released in Japan and in the United States in 1983. By this time, both LaserDisc and CED were already suffering from the onslaught of VHS and Betamax VCRs. Despite demonstrating the player at several Consumer Electronics Shows, JVC opted not to release VHD as a consumer product in North America.

It found its main niche as a karaoke system, and was also used in anime video games and interactive training systems. Commercial versions were available in the UK (and probably the US) for training, demonstration and fault diagnosis.

A stereoscopic system was also sold in Japan, using double-speed discs with alternate-eye images and LCD glasses to pass the correct view to each eye.

VHD was essentially defunct after 1984
this site http://www.lddb.com/index.php is somewhat difficult to navigate until you get the hang of it - lots of usful info but I couldn't find one that haddn't already sold -- these buggers are rare
thank you for explanation. It's valuable. In the Laser Disc Database I have found many VHD discs, unlike all are NTSC system. I assume, my Thorn EMI VHD player is PAL system. I got it for my computer museum as "storage computer unit". but it has nothing to do with computers... I will open it and check if it's switchable or upgradable to NTSC.

Another question, (note I know nothing about videos), the VHD discs as I know are big plates in caddy. What's CED system? Is it the same as VHD? Some people said me, this Thorn video player is for CED ...
ced, vhd and laserdisc are all the same type of thing but they don't work with one another ( much like VHS and BETA MAX) - the laser disc database also covers them as well - good luck, these can all tug at the pocketbook quite a bit - but there fun!!


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